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Can anyone recommend an exhaust replacement centre, in the North of mallorca, for a mercedes car?

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Has anyone been to the Traffico in Palma ? all I want to do is change my address for my car, what appointment group do I need to make ? I think I have all the documents required. Help please

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Anyone know the procedure for changing from UK to Spanish Licence?

started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1462526125 · posted: 1462526125

I have noted the documents required for a Spanish driving licence on this site, but can anyone tell me what form the following have to take ? Declaration in writing stating that the applicant has not been banned or suspended from driving.Declaration in writing stating that the applicant does not hold another driving licence of the same class in another countryWould it be acceptable for me to produce a document/declaration?

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Can anyone recommend an insurance company apart form the old favourites, Linea Directa and Abbeygate, in order to get a comparative quotation. My car and I are based in Ibiza.

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Is it cheaper to buy a car on the islands or bring one with you? Thoughts welcomed. I imagine bringing one with you would invite some sort of VAT or something like that.

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Hello, Can someone advie on a company to help legalize a foreign car in Mallorca ? Does anyone have experience on this ?Thank you   Jose Machado

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What are the preferred websites for selling cars in Ibiza? I know of Segunda Manos and Ebay but are there more prevalent ones, too?

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Hi all, I was wondering if you could help me. When I see the signs on the motor way which are blue sqares with a white number in them, is this the speed limit?

started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1446031298 · posted: 1445851669

Are there any toll roads / bridges in Majorca? I don't seem to be able to find any evidence of one but I might be wrong? Are there plans to build any?

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Has anyone done any research into getting an electric car? Can you charge them at home or do you have to use a punto de recargas? How numerous are the charging points on the islands (mainly Menorca)? And are they cheaper to run than a diesel car?

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Looking for a recommendation for a reputable car dealer please. We need one that isn't going to sell us a lemon. Looking for presonal recommendations please.

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good morning, my MGB -1975- needs some TLC I am looking for a garage here in mallorca what chance do i  have - single woman & blonde of getting my MGB some TLC without being ripped off ? i have been to spanish, british & german garages. the bills always come- so sadly do the problems- again. kindest, vanessa jane davidson  

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Can someone please tell me the process to sell a car in terms of the paperwork. what do i need to do when i have someone who wants to buy my car????  

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Hey there. Do you use a gestor do register a newly purchased car? If so can anyone recommend one please?

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On one of our regular breaks to Ibiza we hired a car through Do You Spain/Bravo Hire. We were asked to leave a deposit of 750 euros and were told this would not be taken from our account. We returned car in same condition and fully fuelled but when we got home found the money had been taken. Despite calls and messages we are getting no where to recover this - is there a legal route we can take. Suggestions welcome.

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My son and some friends are planning to visit in August and will need to rent a car to be mobile during their trip (7 days).  They are all 20, but have clean licences and a couple of years post test experience.  Does anyone know of a company which offers rental to U21s?  Any tips to share on this topic would be appreciated.  We are based near Llucmajor.  Thanks!

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If I sell a car privately to someone I know, do we still need a contract of sale?

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I have a 1986 Land Rover Santana 88 Super Especial Diesel 2.25 and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where the best place to get a check over / service is in Mallorca. English speaking would be a plus as I am still improving my Spanish. Thanks!

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Has anyone seen an old Mini for sale anywhere in Mallorca? Can be non-running (preferred).

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