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Hi, I am looking to move to Majorca with my young family. Looking for a progressive primary & secondary school that ideally teaches bilingually. From my research these international schools charge 10k+/year - which is out of my budget.   In London we attend a Waldorf school .    Any advise would be very welcomed.  Maybe a, part private, or government school , in nice grounds, caring teaching, academic - just seems difficult to find.Anthony

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Hi any advice on schooling for a year 10 student close to Manacor, Mallorca? British system preferred. 

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Hi, myself and my husband, with our son (who turns 4 in June 2017), are relocating to Soller in August. We are looking for any information regarding pre-school options in Soller. I have received a list of 5 local schools and 2 concertadas from the Ajuntament in Soller, all of which I have contacted to arrange a visiting appointment while over in March. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can offer any advice or recommendations regarding schools in Soller.Our son attends creche here in Ireland at present. He does not speak spanish or catalan/mallorquin.

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Hello. I'd really appreciate some advice on relocating to Mallorca ( I have never even been!) as I don't know where to start! I have two young children (1 and 4) and my husband works in the yacht industry. We recently came to the realisation that financially it would make much more sense for us to move abroad for a couple of years at least and rent our house in Bath out. My husband is away 10 months a year so I'd be doing this mainly on my own. Mallorca appeals from the research I've done. I speak Spanish and Catalan as grew up in Catalunya and would start Spanish lessons for my daughter before a move with a view to her attending a local school. I'm thinking Soller might be a good place for us but is difficult to judge with not a great deal of info. I like the idea of a multinational area but would not want to be surrounded by non Spanish speaking Brits. I have no idea how to go about getting info on local schools or basically anything! Please advise me where to start! It's not really realistic for me to travel over a lot on my own with the two little ones so would like to gain info before I come over for a recce. Thanks so much! 

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I want to take my kids to the Batman v Superman film. Is it on anywhere in English? 

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Can anyone recommend a good childrens ballet class / dance school in Palma. Spanish or English spoken is fine for age 4 to 8 years.

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Is there a one off payment from the Spanish government for having a child here? A young couple I know have just fallen. They're not in a very good position financially and am just trying to find out as much information about financial support as possible for them. Thanks for any information you may have.

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We are an English family moving to Sol de Mallorca in November. We have lived in France for several years and have a health card. This will need to be suurendered as we are leaving France permanently. I am wondering about health insurance. Should we get private insurance as we won't be entitled to Spanish health immediately. We have a 3 year old Daughter so, need to make sure all in place as far as being covered for health goes.

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NATIVE ENGLISH Aupair needed for summer period looking after Spanish children, to help improve their Spanish take to beach, pool etc.. No payment offered as such  just offering bed and food if babysitting during evening ,you will be paid per hour must be responsible/ have references

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for anyone who could possibly help! Please could you recommend any good local schools and villages. We are moving out there in April and Im really confused as to where to stay. Palma is out, coming from London so not city life. All opinions would be greatly appreciated Lyndsay

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We know when we move to Mallorca we need our NIE numbers but, will our 3 year old Daughter need a number also?

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Hi, We are an English family locating from France to Mallorca in October. We have a three year old Daughter. Currently I have been looking at the Baleare International at San Agustin and Sa Porrassa, they look good. Does anybody have any children that go there, if so what is school life like? I need an English school. I lived in Mallorca back in 2001, now I come with a yound Daughter so, would be good to find out what family life is like in general on the Island.   Thank you!

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We have just launced two new music groups for parents/carers and their children (under 5 yrs of age) in Palma. The sessions are in English and aim to develop rythmn, co-ordination, memory and language skills in babies and toddlers. One runs on a Thursday morning from 10.30 am and the other will start on Saturday May 17th at 10am. They take place at the Coleman Hall, which is a underneath the Anglican Church in Palma. Nunez de Balbao 6, Son Armadans 07014. There is free street parking in the area and a lift down to the hall. 2 euros per head, under 1's free. Refeshments provided but suggest you bring a healthy snack for your child/children.

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We are looking to relocate to mallorca in 2 years with an 11 year old girl, looking at Manacor, Porto Cristo, but haven't made a firm decision and want to mix with all countrie rather than just ex pats, though am hoping for some British friends. Our daughter does Gymnastics and modern dance so am looking for groups that she will be able to join. All help and advice for relocation would be greatly appreciated. 

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Anyone interested in having an international play group for 4-5 year olds  in Menorca for July and August ?  I have a 3 month old baby girl and a 4 year old boy.  We will be in Menorca for the summer and would love to create a play group in the Es Grau area for kids to get togeather, play, learn and have activities.  If interested contact me at obalbuena2@royalmet.es

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Where's the best water park in Mallorca for children I understand 'best' is quite subjective but I want your recommendations!

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I would like to rent or buy a second hand pram before Easter. Lene klemens100@hotmail.com 674011736

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Any good children's / family events on in Mallorca over Easter?  Need to keep mine occupied!!

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Is there anywhere I can buy children's books in English in Palma?  Second hand would be OK.

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What is the best way to renew a British passport,send forms to the Uk or Madrid?

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