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Hi, myself and my husband, with our son (who turns 4 in June 2017), are relocating to Soller in August. We are looking for any information regarding pre-school options in Soller. I have received a list of 5 local schools and 2 concertadas from the Ajuntament in Soller, all of which I have contacted to arrange a visiting appointment while over in March. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can offer any advice or recommendations regarding schools in Soller.Our son attends creche here in Ireland at present. He does not speak spanish or catalan/mallorquin.

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I’m nine days late writing this blog post.

“Nine days late?” you ask, “for someone who is going to make suggestions on how I can stop procrastinating and start getting more done?”

The truth is, I didn’t procrastinate writing this post as much as I tried to write it and failed to achieve the desired affect. You see, I wanted to make the approach I take sound appealing, so that you, the reader would want to give it a try.

But the truth is the only thing that is appealing about this strategy is that it will propel you towards achieving your dreams and shield you from the temptations of procrastination.

For most of my life I took the jobs and assignments that other people gave me. Occasionally I had a choice. My manager would say, “We can put you on the team to test product A or the team to develop product B. What do you think?”

But I was over forty before I woke up to an enormous truth. If I was ever going to get any GOOD assignments like in free chat for students, I had to give them to myself.

Think about it. No one ever is handed the to-do of launching their own business. You’ll never find an ad in the Help Wanted section that will invite you to turn the story that is inside your head into words on paper.

What this means is that YOU have to give yourself that job. Let’s think for a moment about what that means.

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