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WES means World Education Services.  WES is done for getting a permanent Residential visa to other foreign countries. WES procedure is simple and we can apply it through online. Visist : http://globalattestation.com/wes/

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Hello,I am an Austrian citizen working in Mallorca/Spain as an autonomo. I am looking for a non-Spanish pension plan that is compliant with Spanish regulations and European Union 2003/41/CE Directive, so it is income tax - deductible up to 8.000€ per year. Does anyone have a similar issue? If yes, would love to hear from you with any advise.

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I am trying to trace any readers who know or knew Mr Jeffrey Quirk

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Good morning all.  Can anyone recommend the above please in the Andrax area would be great.  many thanks for your help.

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can anyone help? We have a non-resident account in Menorca and purchased a property 12 years ago. This year we have had the sum of 30.25 euro taken out of our account for myself and the same for my husband. Narrative: Cert. no Residencia does anyone know what this is? Can't understand why this has never happened before. Any info would be much appreciatedThankyou

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Can anyone tell me how to go about registering to vote in the UK for the forthcoming EU referendum? Are there any eligibility rules to satisfy?

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If I have this right,   I have to apply for a "Certificado de Empadronamiento" to obtain an NIE,    which I need a menorcan address for.    I need an NIE to open a bank account.    I need a bank account and NIE to buy a house.   To buy a house,  I need to have the address of the house,  to enable me to obtain documentation to open a bank account and buy the house.    I am slowly going in inward concentric circles,  and will suddenly disappear up my own paperwork !   Any solutions out there to this bureaucratic farce ?

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Can someone advise of a person or organisation that can help with getting myself and my wife an NIE number please. We'll be out at the beginning of next month and will be staying in Palma.

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I'm looking to move to Majorca permanently in the coming months. Can someone explain to me what I have to do to become resident in Spain? Do I need to go and get a white piece of paper that proves that I I will live here? Also, if the UK leaves the EU, what do that mean for people without residency?

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My wife and I are about to start the residential application process. I have become a little confused with all the helpful information available to me in respect of health insurance, we have both taken early retirement (both under 65) so it looks as if there is no category that we fall into, i.e. working or retired at the state pension age. Any help to clarify the situation would be gratefully accepted. Secondly can anyone recommend a reasonable health insurance provider? Many thanks in advance

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Does anyone know of a bank that is currently offering 80% mortgages to non-residents?

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I live in Spain and the pensioners here are making an effort to change the chancellor's mind about the Winter Fuel Allowance. I have friends in other European countries who will also be effected by this and I feel that if we all pull together, the government will realise that we pensioners are not apathetic and that we are a force to be reckoned with. The British Government is going to stop winter fuel payments to people who live in warmer climates. In order to get these changes through  they rely on the apathy of us pensioners. They expect us to accept it saying, "well what can I do?" I believe that we can do a great deal but only if we do it together. There is a petition on the Brithish Government website, you can search for the winter fuel allowance petition on,  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ if 100,000 people sign it, there is a good chance that it will be discussed again in parliament. Another thing we can do is to bombard the chancellor with questions via public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk which should make them realise that we will not be ignored. Let us Make a stand on this....... The usually meek and mild F. W.

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Can someone please tell me how much my children / husband would be likely to pay (as a percentage) or a property that I guesstimate to be worth 250,000€ were I to pop my clogs.

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Having recently bought a house in Mallorca, we are aware that we really should have a Spanish will.  Does anyone have experience of this and can you recommend a contact you have used?

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Hi anyone needing an english/spanish/german speaking lawyer in mallorca we would highly recomend juan pascual drake who is based in manacor but will travel lsland wide. We had a very pleasant experience with him. He is a easy comfotable person to talk with and is an excellent lawyer he realy put our minds at rest cant recomend him enough.

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This will be the first year we are responsible for paying this and I can't work out when it is due or quite how to set about getting it.  When we bought the house last year, we got a copy of last year's payment dated Nov 2014.  Other things I have read online suggest it is billed June to August of each year and I can be fined 20% if I don't pay it by the due date, does this sound right??  Can anyone shed any more light?  We are under the Ajuntament of Llucmajor.  Thanks!

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I am living in Mallorca and will be registering as a permanent national in the near future.  With the current strength of the £ against the EUR, I am wondering whether it makes more sense to move my savings over here.  The rate offered by Santander for my ISA has expired and as such the interest rate has dropped below the depths of the sea to a place not visible to man.  The only consideration is it's tax free.  However, tax free on such small interest rates means little anyway.  So I am wondering whether to move it over now and 'make hay while the sun shines'.  I want to speak to an IFA but I'm confident there are loads out there who take advantage of ex-pats and charge extortionate rates.  So I would be interested in opinions / experiences on this topic as well as any contacts you might have who will give honest independent advice for a reasonable fee? I also even wondered whether it would be worth moving my pension over here as well however, I probably have another 20-30 years work left before I claim it so who knows what could happen by then, so not sure if it is better to 'stick'? Any advice would be much appreciated !! Thanks

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Can anyone recommend an Engish speaking gestor or similar in the Peguera/Santa Ponca/Palma Nova area - in that order?  Many thanks.

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