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Is the rate still €250 a month?


Es Castell 1428589503

 Last month I paid 316.02€.


Goggleyes 1428659052

Good grief. Including the accountant fees and tax?

Eddyspade 1428915340

There's a friend I have on the mainland that claims that he knows a Spanish gestoria that offers it for €50 a month no matter the age.

Es Castell 1428932776

Yes, that was all included. As to the 50€, "theres a man down my chipshop who claims hes elvis": Doesnt make it true, mind.

Goggleyes 1429008692

Kirsty MacColl :-)

Send me the details of this bandit if you can and I'll check it out :-)

Mogface 1429183571

And they wonder why everyone works cash in hand if they can.

vanessa jane-10035716 1430218437

this information is true- would even apply to elvis. however, it has to be your first time being self employed.

Eddyspade 1430231165

Thanks Vanessa!

Ahh, so they weren't telling porkies. Is the €50 a month forever, or does it revert to the more standard fee after that?

Also, the €250 is a part time amount isn't it? Would the €50 be a part time amount too?

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