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can anyone help? We have a non-resident account in Menorca and purchased a property 12 years ago. This year we have had the sum of 30.25 euro taken out of our account for myself and the same for my husband. Narrative: Cert. no Residencia does anyone know what this is? Can't understand why this has never happened before. Any info would be much appreciatedThankyou


capdellatraveller 1466579529

Why don't you just ask the bank?

Anita-9144 1466581027

We are not back there until the autumn when we will obviously go into our bank to get clarification. In the meantime it would be interesting to know why this amount has suddenly been taken from the account.

jennymac2 1470116743

I remember this charge being taken from my account when I moved to Spain 15 years ago and I enquired about it. It literally is a certificate to say you are non resident for tax purposes. Then when we sorted out our residencia the charge stopped. Cant say why yours would have suddenly started now-maybe be thankful you weren't charged for 11 years!  

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