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Has anyone sent an international payment from Nationwide in the UK to their Spanish bank? If so, how long did it take to clear approximately?


ElDreamer 1427967726

If it's a Swift payment it should show the very next day (bank holidays and weekends permitting).

Goggleyes 1428065657

Many thanks. It was my fault in the end. I didn't have enough funds in the account. I thought they'd take the £20 fee from the amount they were transferring but they added it on. I received a message to my Nationwide online account explaining it had been rejected.

Have re-sent so we'll see.

ElDreamer 1428485578

We've never had a problem sending money that way. Like I say, you can usually see it within a day or two. We don't do it that often though as the exchange rate is usually not as good and the associated fees are higher than dedicated companies.

Goggleyes 1428582636

Which company do you use for money transfers out of interest?

Eddyspade 1428915484

If you look at Martin Lewis' site there's quite a bit about foreign exchange and also about the various companies that do it.

If you want my opinion, do it sooner rather than later. The pound is going to start losing value because of the uncertainty of the election.

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