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What's the best bank to have to avoid paying the ridiculous account management fees that I keep being lumbered with?


ratty-12253 1275469519

Hi, I use Bancaja, they are excellent and completely free, no fees to transfer in/out, no letter fees, no nothing (i think perhaps 6€ or so for a card each year)

Very, very good customer service, excellent internet banking.

I use Santa Ponsa, Teresesa is the international manager on 971695943

Hastalapasta 1275472026

It's important to get a good rapport with the manager. Ours knows us quite well now. Whenever we aren't happy with what something like the quarterly bank charges, he will get them reimbursed. Certain accounts attract more commissions and fees than others so make an appointment to see the manager and discuss your needs. I expect they'll be surprisingly accommodating.

Mogface 1275559625

These boys will see you alright

There's a branch in Mallorca.

ElDreamer 1275988793

Thanks for the advice. I will look into both recommendations and take on board the advice.

charles dickens-13761 1276129903


You mean transferring funds from/to a uk bank is free??????????????? No charges? Sounds unbelievable! What kind of transfer is it? Electronic?

Longing to know more! I also need to choose a bank here.

In advance, many thanks!


Goggleyes 1276162531

I am aware of two ways of getting your money from the UK to Spain free of charge.

1: Nationwide. If you open up a Flexaccount (need a UK address) you are able to use cash machines all over Europe and probably the world without being charged anything for the transactions. What's more, you get nigh on the spot rate of exchange so you don't pay tourist exchange rates. The credit card also gives you the same 'business' exchange rate if you use that to purchase in Euros.

2: Halifax. I'm not 100% if this is still the case as it was two years ago I was doing it, but if you have an account with Halifax Hispania and an account with the Halifax in the UK, international transactions between the two accounts are completely free of charge. Not sure what exchange rate you get, however.

Hope this helps!

ratty-12253 1276180379

Hi, just to clarify the free of charges account at Bancaja, receiving funds is free, no ridiculous charge to allow your own money into your own account. WOW! No sure about sending back to UK but believe that's charge free as well.

If I need to get money here from UK I use this chap they send money same day for a one off £10 fee and you get really good rates. You just transfer via UK internet bank to their account and it gets here very quickly, generally within a couple of hours.

V good service from them always.

Mention Mark at SWMallorcaRentals and they should get you a better rate as well.


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