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hi, does anyone know the process to obtain a copy of the original nie doc, we have the number, but not the form, has anyone done this?


Yorkshirelass-17059 1346499756

You just need to take all your documentation to the office where you got the original and they will fill out a form for you to sign, charge a fee that you have to pay at a bank.  Think its about €10. and they will issue a duplicate. 

rebeccaupton 1347303966

Hi, you'll need your passport and a photocopy and if possible download the forms including the tax one and pay it before you go. They are very busy at the moment and the numbers they give out often run out by not long after 8. I went the other day, we were there at 7.50, got number 21 when it opened at 8 but didn't get seen until 9.30. There were people coming it at 8.30 and there were no numbers left. They won't give you a number unless you have everything, including the paid tax, which is why it's best to download it.

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