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Hi, I would really appreciate a bit of help or guidance please. I am starting a business which will run short boat cruises along the Mallorcan coast during the holiday season (May - September). I intend to live on the boat while I am operating in Mallorca which means that I will not have a permanent Spanish address to obtain my IME Number. Also, because of the nature of my business, does it have to be a Spanish registered business at all, or could I conduct business under my British company? And finally, what are the formalities and procedures that I have to follow to start trading in Mallorca considering my situation? Thanks, Scott


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The best possible advise with setting up a business here in Mallorca would be to seek professional advise and get several opinions.

I would say that there are many things you would have to consider with this kind of business.

Permission to operate, heath and safety, concessions and much more......

You can find some useful information here on AngloINFO

Good luck


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