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can anyone confirm how to put an electonic signiture on a word document , i dont have a scannerjust laptop thanks best answer gets a bottle of cava


Mogface 1372112516

Could you do it on 'Paint'? It might take quite a few goes but crop it and then shrink it down and I think you'll have a viable option. Well, a last resort anyway! 

Kevvy 1372160939

As above. Then save it as a jpeg. Go to your word document and follow path: 'Insert' - 'Picture' - 'From File'. Navigate and select the signature your created in Paint. How well it works depends on how well you can replicate the signature free drawing with a mouse.

Kryton 1372342345

Do you have any pictures of documents (.pdf / .jpg that sort of thing) saved anywhere on your computer where your signature appears? Perhaps on a driving license or passport? If so, you could open them for editing and copy out the signature part from there.

Rick-Flint-997863 1631280915

Once you've uploaded a document, you can draw your new signature using your trackpad or mouse. Alternatively, you can upload or take a photo of your signature using your device's camera.

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