English speaking Lawyer and Gestoria in Mallorca

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Hi. My family and I are relocating to Mallorca very soon, from Menorca, and i would like to know if anyone knows or can reccommend a good English speaking Lawyer and Gestoria on the island. Many Thanks Hayley


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There is list of English speaking lawyers detailed here http://balearics.angloinfo.com/af/275/balearics-lawyers-law-firms-and-legal-advice.html


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Hi there try Buffete Feliu in Paseo Mallorca tel 971 714 849 ask for Ginny, there one of the best on the Island.

Good luck

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Hi, I can recommend Bufete Frau. They helped me with a few things when I moved to Mallorca and they were great about keeping me informed and getting things done quickly! They have several lawyers and secretaries who speak English and they have offices all throughout the island.

I had a bad experience with other lawyers when I first got here, including the one already mentioned in this thread. Thankfully I finally found a good one with Bufete Frau. Good luck!

P.S. I used their Andratx office, the number is 971 67 37 00 and the secretary there is a native English speaker.

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