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I live on the island and am due to get married next year. I have found a venue and now need to know how to proceed. I have been told by some people that you have to be a resident to get married here. And that there are two types of ceremony. I am not quite ofey on the legalities. Can anyone help who has done this before, or knows more than i do about this. Thanks ever so much


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Hi Sarah, you can visit: These guys take care of everything from paperwork to wedding cakes.

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hi david, thanks for your reply i will have a look and see what i come up with

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Congratulations! If you want to read up on what to expect, see the page on Getting Married in Spain for information on what paperwork to prepare and what to expect.

You will also find that your country's consular office in Spain is able to help with getting some of documents you may need. Contact details are here: Consulates & Embassies.

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