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Hi all Can anyone recommend a way to get covered for healthcare in Mallorca? We'll be paying NI in the UK so won't be covered when we move to the island shortly - I think? We have children so I'm thinking about the standard GP, dentistry type things, as well as hospitals. Thanks very much.


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Hi, if the kids are in the system and go to school here they are elligible for free dentistry. Its called Padi. I always think its to do with diving but no such luck. Not sure how you go about it but if you go and register in the local medical centre nearest to you I think you will then get all the bunff. Also not sure how good the dentists are but there is a list sent to you. We use Trinkel and Trinkel in Santa Ponsa on the main drag. They are super great. Husband and wife team and Mrs looks after the little uns. Its private but worth checking out. They speak german spanish and english.

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If you are still interested in sorting out your insurance then please feel free to give me a call on 626 372717. My field is expat insurance and so I can advise you on what types of insurance you should have under current spanish law.

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