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My wife and I are about to start the residential application process. I have become a little confused with all the helpful information available to me in respect of health insurance, we have both taken early retirement (both under 65) so it looks as if there is no category that we fall into, i.e. working or retired at the state pension age. Any help to clarify the situation would be gratefully accepted. Secondly can anyone recommend a reasonable health insurance provider? Many thanks in advance


Kevvy 1446735980

You'd be classified as inactive I guess the Convenial Especial is what you're after. Have a look here:

Basically it's €60 a month for cover under the public health system and covers all existing conditions.

Private insurance would possibly be a bit cheaper but wouldn't cover you for existing conditions. I'm an advocate of using this website to search for your cover:

It'll only list the companies that offer insurance in your area.

Good luck!

bazpalmer 1446737448

Thanks very much Kevvy, I will have a look. We are lucky enough not to have any excisting problems so it looks as if private will be best.

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