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If I have this right,   I have to apply for a "Certificado de Empadronamiento" to obtain an NIE,    which I need a menorcan address for.    I need an NIE to open a bank account.    I need a bank account and NIE to buy a house.   To buy a house,  I need to have the address of the house,  to enable me to obtain documentation to open a bank account and buy the house.    I am slowly going in inward concentric circles,  and will suddenly disappear up my own paperwork !   Any solutions out there to this bureaucratic farce ?


Morgandesign 1454096070

You need a NIE to register anything official - buy a car, a home, etc. You don't need a NIE to open a non-resident bank account (nothing really different from a resident account except a bit more expensive).

You do not need to live in Spain to obtain a NIE. Many non-residents have a NIE for the purpose of keeping a car, renting a holiday flat, etc. You may be required to prove your address in the form of a contract, electric bills etc.

It's perfectly natural that if you buy a house, you would have to produce it's address in order to register the sale. That's true anywhere. Presumably, you aren't planning to pay for your house with a briefcase full of cash (in fact, I believe that's now illegal), so yes, a bank account (somewhere, capable of transferring funds to a Spanish bank) is all but a necessity.

If you wish to contract for water and/or electricity, you will need a local bank account initially, as most *require* you give them direct debit access to it. But after you have the contract, you can cancel direct debit. Of course, then you can only pay your bills at a local post office, and considering how easy it is to open a bank account, refusing to pay by bank is rather self-defeating.

The only advice is once you've opened your account, set up a separate sub-account for direct debits (takes about 30 seconds in your online banking). Then only put enough on it to cover your bills. That way, nobody can "mistakenly" empty your account and give you major pain getting it back.

Good luck!

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BRITRICH75 1454096746

A rapid and concise response.    Thank you ever so much for the information.    Having spent the day on the computer looking at properties,  legislation,  application forms etc.   I will tackle and assimilate this information tomorrow.   My aging brain is siezing up now.   Once again,  thank you for you very informative reply.   Rich.

Morgandesign 1454097292

Happy to help.

Although noticeably absent from my reply is any guarantee that you won't suffer frustrating bureaucracy. Set your expectations appropriately, and start your trek armed with knowledge. The answers you'll get from those who are supposed know can often leave you gobsmacked. 

Hire a gestor. Not cheap but will save you a fair bit of frustration.

POCHAHONTAS 1454344581

Just out of interest, I looked at all the info available on here (listed on the left of your intro AI page) and everything you need to know is there !  Take a look !  Good luck

Goggleyes 1454346746

You don't need an address for your NIE (or you can give the address of the house you're purchasing). My wife did that. Me myself, I used the address for a local Indian restaurant (and unbelievably the guy just let me do it). It's a long story...

Also I have discovered that even if you ask at the right office the chances are somebody wont know the answer to your question. Now, common sense would dictate that if they didn't know, they would find out from someone that did. However, this rarely happens and they just guess. Don't therefore assume you're doing anything correctly even if the town hall has told you so!


BRITRICH75 1454351011

Aaaah ! Therein lies the crux of the matter. "Common sense dictates."   From Governmental Departments, you do not expect sense at all.   As for common sense, as far as these departments are concerned, it is not common at all !  Onwards and upwards though.   I shall not be deterred by bureaucracy.   Many have fought and won the battle with these sort, foreign and domestic.   I feel a bout of victory coming on, before I have even engaged them in their red tape filled offices.   Am going now to listen to some Vera Lynn songs.   Thank you for your response.   Richard.  

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