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Hi all!Just joined and already having a question:I live in Mallorca most of the time but am not "resident".I need a bank account to pay rent and to receive payments (ebay trading and web/consulting services) from within Europa including(!) from Spain.Anyone know any nice & decent banker who speaks English and where I could get such an account?Banca March is out of the question (I guess) because as far I was able to read in their terms, they do offer an account like I need but only for residents. Other account types are available, but with those you can't receive transfers FROM WITHIN Spain.Thanx for your suggestions!


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Hi Rubicon,

I use Lloyds TSB in Palma. They all speak English and are very helpful. You can open euro accounts as well as sterling.

Hope this helps

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Hi Harvey!

YUP! That looks VERY promising! Just looked through their website and will try to talk to them today.

Thanks a lot!


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Many Spanish banks will give you a non resident account with proof of identification. They will normally give you a visa electron card which you can use with your PayPal account for eBay.

La Caixa generally have good English speaking staff and they have very good internet banking in English.

All branches of Solbank insist that their staff speak English and they also have very good internet banking in English.

I have been told that Banca March are also very good but have never used them myself.


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