New Fiscal Obligations in Spain to be aware of deadline is 30 April

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I have read about a new fiscal obligation for residents in Spain (Spanish citizens, foreigners, individuals or companies) will be obliged to declare all overseas assets.   I believe the reporting period is March – April 2013. Does anyone have any further information?


Castano-882096 1361483625

Thanks for making us aware of this!

Burgundy Blue 1362830004

My understanding is that any single asset deemed to bevalued at more than €50,000 euros needs to be declared. Can anyone confirm this?

anns-12180 1362832886

Yes any assets more than 50,000 needs to be declared to the tax authorities. You need to see an accountant or gestor.


Jackeen-882093 1362871601

Yes it is €50,000 in any category. so if you have two bank accounts one with 35k and one with 20k you will have to file a return in this category.  Be careful if you are co-signatory on any bank accounts e.g. an elderly parent in the UK this must also be declared.  It is just to help prevent money laundering and black money rather than being something you declare to pay tax on.

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