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Has anyone had any experiences with Spanish banks and their online banking facilities? I want to switch my banking to here in Spain. Do they have them in English? Any comments good or bad please. charlie


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I use La Caixa and have done since moving here.


In my local branch they speak english and are very helpful.

The online banking is almost all in english and you can even top up your mobile and book concert tickets.

I would definitely recommend them.

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Hi, I use BancaMarch, very good service, speak very good English and have a great online banking facility. www.bancamarch.es. You can have either a Euro or Sterling account and the sterling accounts offers a good interest rate at the moment.

Hope this helps

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i use sabadell atlantico (www.sabadellatlantico.com)

they have loads of branches around palama/the south but not so many in the north, however they're online banking is great - really easy & available in a number of languages, including english. another good thing is that if you apply for a loan, account, card etc, they are able to print the agreement/terms in english too.

hope this helps



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I use Banco Santander, and although their online banking is in Spanish, I have been using it now for two years and hae had no problems at all - you can usually find someone English speaking in their larger branches

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Hi Charlie,
most online banking in spain is ok, we have had no problems were with Barclays for years switched to Banca march several years ago are so helpfull cheers.

SG Randall

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