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I am having major difficulties with Orange, they are charging me for two lots of ADSL connections for two addresses where I only live at one address, they owe me six months of fees. How do I go about trying to go get refunded as no luck on the phone, very rude, not at all helpful.


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There is a body here in Spain that is similar or the same as the Ombudsman in the UK.

I have been told that if you were to advise Orange that it is your intention to go to this organisation and register a case then they would be more likely to be more sympathetic to your complaint.

It depends on how much money is concerned and how you far you want to pursue it.

I would advise that you go and register your case, but try to get a native Spanish speaker to go with you. Unfortunately it’s still a barrier for non-native Spanish speakers unless you have a very good command of the language or you find someone who speaks English with a helpful ear.

It may be worth going to the Calvia Foreigners Centre first, where they have people who may be able to help you with this or point you in the right direction.

Good luck.


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Cheers Jason,I will look at those options.

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