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One question.. There was this person who emailed me because she wants to buy an embroidery machine I am selling. She said she wants it and agrees on the amout (about 800 euro) and will mail me a cheque. And now she sent me this reply below... It seem kind of strange or does it? Should I just go ahead with it? Why would she do this? For tax reasons? Or could it be some weirdo/scam?"Hello,Your payment will be mailed out tomorrow. I have to tell you though that the cheque is in the amount of 3,900 euro because my shipper request payment to register the unit with his company before coming for the pick it up. So as soon as u get the cheque you will cash it and remit the balance to my shipper who will be coming to your place to pick up the item. I am doing this based on trust. the address the cheque will be mailed to.." etc.Let me know if you can help me here..Thanks


mike-8712 1247221889

It's a classic "419" advance fee scam approach - don't go anywhere near it.

For mor details, see (e.g.):

or google "advance fee fraud".

tonia99 1247222719

Thanks for your help. Yes I realized that too while researching the net yesterday. So scary when these things happen. Hope he doesnt send any virus my why just because I didnt go through with the deal..

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