renting holiday accom in mallorca. Legal or not?

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There is so much conflicting info regarding the issue of renting holiday apartments/villas in Mallorca. I have read articles in the Daily Bulletin in which it is said the authorities are going to come down on those who do, with fines as much as 4,000 euros per bed. I believe to legalise the activity one needs a tourist license which is all but impossible to acquire. My lawyer claims that as long as no other activity such as provifding food or daily cleaning is given, it is legal. Of course there are so many web sites offering accom in Mallorca, it wouldn't be hard for the authorities to find the owners, but, it seems completely illogical that the authorities would cut the source of much needed clientele to the local bars and restaurants when the all inclusive hotel offers are killing them. Can anyone help me with more info on this.


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If you are renting a property for tourist use then you need a certificate, which I believe you get from the Consellerie de Turismo y Ayuntamiento. Without this, you run the same risk here as you do anywhere of renting illegally and maybe not having 3rd party insurance cover in event of any accident, and presumably you must also pay tax on the income. Of course it happens a lot, because people pocket money that is then undeclared for tax etc. but it doesn't make it right just because you are bringing tourists in to strengthen the local economy. I've no idea whether there is some middle ground - in the UK you can do simple bed and breakfast subject to certain rules and the you just declare your extra income on your tax return, but in Mallorca I have no idea.

I've never rented my place out, I'm the mug who slings my key to family and friends and also picks up the tab for electricity, gas etc. I do that because it is good for the local economy not to have a property empty of people who spend money. However, if I fell on dreadful hard times I'd have to look at rental, and so I'd find it interesting if you get any forther postings that will say how to do it and how much it costs, and what your responsibilities are.

In our largely residential block, there is friction in peak months because of owners who rent out cash-in-hand to tourists who then run riot and have no respect for those who live and work on the island. Not everyone wants a party of yobs shouting and screaming in their pool at 4 a.m!

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