Residencia and empandronament

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My daughter is in the process of applying for enpadronament, she already has residencia. She has moved to another apartment (in the same block, therefore in the same administrative area) since getting her residencia in February. Does anyone out there know if she will have to change her address in order to qualify? Annie


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Don't quote me on this, but this is I think what should be done.

If your daughter has enpadronamento which she should have if she has residencia. She first has to go the relevant town hall to change the enpadronamento and then once this is changed she can then have her residencia changed. As for where to go to change the residencia I'm not sure. Try calling calvia town hall and the foreigners dept. I'm sure they will help.

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Hi, I have just checked with Calvia Council and they say that if your daughter goes into the Town Hall with her cert of Residencia , her passport and her rental agreement for the new apartment ( In Spanish), she will be able to register on the padron at her new address.

Hope this helps.


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