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How do you become self employed in Spain? Is it an easy process and what are the costs involved? Thanks.


Kryton 1275050688

I did a bit of research before I moved out. You have to become autonomo and pay a monthly social security fee of about €250. Then you pay tax on top! I thought it was very expensive, especially if you're just starting out.

Hastalapasta 1275128143

Thanks for that. €250 a month? Seems a bit toppy.

esporlesbabe 1275291531

It is more like 285€ a month. You are taxed every quarter - IVA (VAT) as well. The tax is generally about 20 percent of the nett gains. You have to take a thick A4 book everywhere with you in case an inspector stops you - this is now law - this will prove that you have registered and pay IVA. Just worth mentioning, you have to pay 15 years social security before any pension. This social security will cover a spouse for medical expenses but not for any pension. You would also need an honest gestoria (book keeper) who would submit the accounts for you every quarter.

It is a big thing to take on! Good luck.

ElDreamer 1275380457

And of course, your gestoria/accountant doesn't work for free either!

Add to that the fact there is no holiday and sickness pay and self employed people get a bit of a bum deal.

Goggleyes 1275405984

Remember, there's a discount on the monthly amount if you're under 31.

Hastalapasta 1275472353

Thanks for the additional replies. The news seems to be getting worse! Not under 31, but thanks for the info anyway. I'm a tad surprised anyone can actually make any money, after the monthly fee and the taxes.

Hastalapasta 1275472396

Just had a thought as I clicked post, is the monthly fee tax deductable?

ElDreamer 1275988823

Yes it is. As is the fee you pay your accountant.

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Yoy need to speak to and she'll advise you correctly about it all.

Good luck!

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