Spanish mortgage

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Does anyone know of a bank that is currently offering 80% mortgages to non-residents?


Goggleyes 1443102126

I think the maximum they'll let a non-resident borrow is 70% I'm afraid.

ElDreamer 1443177459

I believe in some extreme cases they will lend 75% if it is guaranteed by a resident. But the resident has to be of very high standing and of a very sound financial position.

ElDreamer 1443525765

Try contacting an agent such as International Mortage Solutions. They'll guide you.

Kryton 1444046957

The banks and lenders are very cautious at the moment. And understandably so.

Malcolm-903619 1444135227

In my opinion though, it's killing the housing market.

Including taxes and fees people have to find over 40% of the purchase price in cash. That's quite a hefty chunk of change to find. Even for a fairly modest apartment.

Thanks for the replies.

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