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HiPlease could anybody share any info on street trading / mobile catering laws on Ibiza?I would be very grateful, thanksAngie


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Where are you in Ibiza?

What do you want to trade?

You should really start with the local council. Try sending them an email first, it may take a while to get a reply but keep trying. If you can get someone to write it in spanish.

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Firstly, apologies; can you believe that i have only just discovered your reply! I thought i had got no response.

Thank you for your advice. WE are still in UK but still with a sketchy plan of moving out there. I would like to sell fresh fruit and vegetable juices at markets and if possible also as a mobile trader. Although i am learning Spanish, I have a Spanish friend who will translate etc and is putting me in touch with a Spanish lawyer friend, so hopefully should be really useful.

Are you on Ibiza?

Many thanks


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I was considering a similar thing in Mallorca. Please let me know how you get on with information as licensing for various activities can be quite exasperating in Spain! I own a bar in Mallorca and I am allowed to vend food and drinks to take away under my current license but only from my premises or terrace. As you may know, the many fruit vendors on the beaches operate without license and are regularly fined (which they never pay!) but there are plenty of places that operate vending from what are little more than stalls that are attached to premises. However, at any market you can buy food and drinks from a number of stalls, albeit sited for the day. I enquired with my Gestor as to the laws on mobile vending but even he didn't know so best of luck.

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Hi and thanks very much for you comments; anything i undercover I'll share on here.

It's interesting what you say regarding being allowed to make 'take away' sales as part of your license. ON my many trips to Ibiza, I've never seen mobile sellers apart from those you pint out that are unlicensed and therefore illegal. I think it will be difficult to get authorisation but will try non the less.

I'm also trying to get a contact for the Es Canar Hippy Market as markets may be a more straightforward option.

Thanks again.

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