US Citizen in Spain

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I'm a Spanish citizen and a public high school teacher  in Ibiza, but I lived and worked in Chicago between 2002 and 2008. My partner is an American citizen and he is from Chicago, IL. He is planning on moving to Spain some time in Sept. 2009. He will be coming here to live with me. We will be living in my condominium in Ibiza.I would appreciate any information you could give me on how to find out and where to address ourselves  to get an extended Visa that will allow John to be here for more than 3 months and will allow him to get a work Visa while he is here. He is a Fitness trainer and he could work training people in different gyms, although he is also open to any job. Another big concern for us is his medical insurance? Who should we contact for Medical Insurance? Anything you can do to assist me would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for all your help beforehand. We really appreciate it!Sincerely,Jorge and John


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