Wealth and Income Tax

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I have had a letter to say I owe some Income and also wealth tax. The amounts are not much, around 100 euros. I am going to be charged 300 euros through a law firm to sort it for me! Does anyone know if I can pay these charges in person? or any other info please. salinasone


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We had this problem years ago, and "paid through the nose" by using a Spanish lawyer to do the job for us - it was costing more to pay the lawyer each time than we actually owed to the Spanish Government. Eventually we discovered that the official Administrators of our block of apartments could do the work at a fraction of the cost. Presumably they are also registered to do the job for others, you could ask them by e-mail by mailing admoncalvia@yahoo.es and tag the header "For attention of Isabel" (she is an English speaking Spaniard at the Administrators). They are in Son Caliu opposite Mercadona supermarket, close to Palma Nova. It depends where you are geographically, no doubt other users of this site could suggest somewhere closer to you if this is not convenient.

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