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Is the rate still €250 a month?

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Has anyone sent an international payment from Nationwide in the UK to their Spanish bank? If so, how long did it take to clear approximately?

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Hello all.Looking at buying a place in mallorca to relocate to in 2015/2016.Just wondered what local council taxes we can expect.I understand there is a local tax and a govenment tax and also a bin tax.Please can someoine give me some view on what taxes and prices to expect per month on a small finca with some land.

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Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone has used Palmers Solicitors (Francisco Palmer Sanchez) in Palma, and what their experiences were please. Also John Oliver, an Estate Agent whom I've already met.  I've been recommended them, and just wanted to double check they are ok. Thanks Martin

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I am having the most difficult time trying to find a notary. Can someone please give me someone to call.I do not need anything more than a notary or an attorney or solicitor that does not charge a huge sum.ThanksSharon

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Can anyone recommend a good, english speaking tax advisor based in Palma?

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Hello everyone,  Im moving to the Island in December and wondering how very difficult is bureaucracy out there?Coming from Ireland should I expect it to be more or less complex? How difficult is it to get an nie number and is there anything else that I would need to get or do? any advice appricated, im beginging to have a little panic!

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Hi Eeryone, I am currently in the process of purchasing a property in Mallorca.  I have taken on the services of  Palma Solicitors (http://palmersolicitors.com/) and have been talking with  Francisco Palmer Snachez.  Just wondered if anyone had used them and what their experience was like?  Just nervous of deposting large ammounts of money into peoples bank accounts wihtout some local positive reviews!  thanks in advance for your views. 

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What do you think about this article? Do we really notice it here? http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2014/10/26/spain-suffers-mass-exodus-due-to-bad-economy/

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Is there a financial advisor (ideally all of market) tht also is expert in Spainsh tax and inheritancy on the island? Needs to be English speaking.

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Hi there I need some advice from you lovely people. In febuary last year my father in law died after moving to Majorca 7 years before. When he passed there was a family fall out and we didn't hear from his wife. They have property there, but we just found out through the grapevine that his wife is selling their home and buying a apartment. We have also been told that his wife now needs a copy of my husbands passport to write her will and if she dosent get a copy he won't be included. Obviously iTS only a copy but is this usual practice in mAllorca for the passport to be needed For a will, or could it be needed for the purchase of the apartment In some way? Please any advice will be fab :) 

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How od I pay my student loan if I'm in Spain? I've been here a couple of years and obviously as an attachement of earnings order it gets deducted automatically over there. Here though, I don't know what to do. Anyone been in that situtaion themselves?  

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I sold a property in Menorca in March 2013. I have still not had the retencion tax of almost 13000 euros (or the remainder of) paid back. Despite many emails to my solicitor in Mahon, I have not heard a thing. Is it usual for it to take so long, or am I justified in being more than a little worried?

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My husband and I recently changed apartments. We need to change our address with the Extranjero office. The form asks for "certificado de convivencia conjunto". What is this and how do we get it? We have the certificado empadronamiento, copies of our IDs, and the lease. I'm not sure if my confusion is due to the language or not understanding the system....

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I am looking for an English speaking solicitor who can guide me through buying a plot of land, property construction and ultimately holiday rental. I would be very grateful for any personal recommendations. Thank you. 

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We're going to be moving to Mallorca fairly shortly now, and will need to set up things like banks and credit cards. Is there a site that compares things like credit cards and banking in Spain? Coming from the UK I'm used to free banking and credit cards which are free to use and pay cash back, so actually earn me money. I'm not sure whether you can do the same thing in Spain, or whether we're going to have to pay for these things. Also, there's a 'Sa Nostra' bank in the town we hope to move to, does anyone have any experience of this bank? I did look on their website, but couldn't find anything about current account charges. Any help would be appreciated, it's another of those seemingly complicated things that we need to sort out.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking accountant who is used to dealing with expats to prepare our tax returns. Must be based in Palma.  

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Good Afternoon.   Does anyone know what is going on with the ENDESA billing system.    I did use to received them regularly every month but now it sometimes goes three months before one comes in.   Not to worry as of course they still keep taking the money from my bank account, but I would still like the printed form of the bills.    Has anyone else noticed this ?   Have I inadvertantly signed up to something I was not aware of or have they changed their system ?   Thanks everyone have a good day.  

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The man who lives nearby is slowly clearing land in front of my house. I presume its public land as it runs either side of the road . it is a lovely  large dense  area  heavily planted with  trees and bushes . it has the black and white sign saying caza privado which I  have been told means private hunting ? He has already completely cleared similar land in front of his own house and is using it to store boats etc. it looks a mess and I  am concerned he is plannng to do the same with this land .  The only reason we realised what is happening is we can now see other houses in the distance and  our view is changing . Is he allowed to do this ?     

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I´ve just bought a flat in Palma, and am trying to sort out all the utilities.  I´ve been told firstly that I should have been provided with a Cebula de Habilidad, which I haven´t.  And I´ve also been told I should have been proved with at least a bill from the previous owner.   Is this true? How do you suggest I proceed?

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