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I have just written a little guide book on Holiday Rental Law in Spain 2013. It is a digital book which means I can easily update it as the law falls into place in the coming year. So I would really appreciate feedback from anybody who has concrete information on the situation, especially from anyone who has been granted a licence or has been refused a licence. I am particularly looking for info on Mallorca and the other Balearics because it is not clear what they are planning.Please, please. please do not use this thread to gripe about how terrible the Spanish government is and please don't just add opinions. I need solid information. Catalonia has a good set of laws in place but I know that Mallorca is messing people around a bit.I am looking for details on the new laws affecting the rental of private villas and apartments for short stay holidays. My guide book has information that is valid now in September 2013 but each autonomous region will introduce new laws this year and I would love to keep up to date.Thanks for all contributions.

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Can anyone tell me what paperwork you need to get this. How to go about it. The cost and anything else relveant to Mallorcian country houses. Thanks. Ian inr1902@hotmail.com

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Hello I want to check something out please as me and hubby have a dream of living in Mallorca in the future.  Is it true that if you are registered disabled you cannot buy property on the island and that you cannot work?

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Hi can someone help and advise me on a good Gestor/legal advisor who would help with  the setup of business to ensure full understanding of the taxes, charges and possible rebates that apply, and which of the many options are most suitable for a specific case. Greatly appreciated Marc

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Hello there, I am a UK citizen and am soon to be married in England to my Indian partner who is the father of our 9 month old daughter. We would like to come to Spain and live as a family. He has Indian nationality.  Can anyone please tell me their experiences of bringing their non-EU spouse to live in the EU?  we are getting all sorts of mixed messages. One website says we need to do the official family regrouping (reunification) visa, then a lawyer on Ibiza told me he does not need a visa and can enter with his translated marriage certificate. The Europa website also says it CAN  be possible to enter with appropriate docs translated, without a visa, but is difficult and not sure. We don't want to have to go back to India to get him a visa and the family regrouping one is time consuming and expensive.  Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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So they're withdrawing our winter fuel allowance payments to pay for more important things like a brand new railway line that will be redundant before it's even started. Thanks Treasury. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23065510

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can anyone confirm how to put an electonic signiture on a word document , i dont have a scannerjust laptop thanks best answer gets a bottle of cava

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Hello, I am looking for a good English speaking immigration lawyer in either Mallorca or Ibiza (preferably). My fiance is Indian and we are going to be married soon in England and I would like some advice on the application process for us moving to Spain together when we are married. Thank you :)

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Hi all :0) I'm searching for advise about a business plan I have, where I intend to deal with UK based clients, but offer my services in the Balaerics, as a resident. Does anyone know the best place for me to try and source some info? Or have any contacts who specialise in Local Law and Regulations? Specifically Ibiza. TAR!   Peach

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Hi there, I am looking into getting my vending license. I was hoping someone could give me some advise on where to start! I would like it for boyh Ibiza and mallorca! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I am interested to know what is the correct procedure to get a restaurant license (including bar and possibly live music) for a property that is set up to be a restaurant but which has been empty for a few years. Any info appreciated. Many thanks

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Hi there, Would anyone be able to recommend where I can get documents translated into Spanish, such as marriage and birth certs? They have to be recognised by the authorities for residency purposes.  Thanks.

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Hi there, My partner is Indian and we are applying for a visa for him to come and visit me in Spain. Along with the Official Invitation Letter, they are asking for  "Attested copy of the passport and the DNI or residence card of the person living in Spain". Can anyone clarify what does it mean to be "attested"? Thank you. 

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stuck with paper work im a  british woman trying to marry non eu in spain should i get docs translated first or get a cert to marry from civil reg office anyone know , different info from consulate and town hall .

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Hi there, I am thinking of starting a small company in Ibiza and will need to have Public Liability. If anyone knows of any good companies the info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cindy

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With the new certification arrangements coming into force in June (as I understand) does anyone yet have any experience of the process and costs involved ?  Thanks.

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We have had it with our bank (for reasons we won't disclose), and would like recommedations for a bank, and ideally a branch of that bank that isn't rude and unhelpful. A bank that doesn't make us feel that they're doing us a favour by having our money, would be lovely.

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My bank is driving me crazy! The fees are very high, you have to queue for hours, their online website is unreiable.  Can anyone recommend a bank in Spain where they have had a good experience in branch and via internet banking.  thanks.

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Worried about what is happening in Cyprus.  I can't afford for my hard earned savings to be hit like this.  What are other peoples views and is it worth transferring our saving back to the UK.  I wold be interested to have a discussion on this.

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Can anyone give advice on best way to transfer euros to English bank account.all a bit confusing .

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