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Please can anyone recommend a good local solicitor who specialises in estate / inheritance matters for foreigners?

started by: mga-16427 · last update: 1363285330 · posted: 1363245849

I am a resident here and receive the basic UK State Pension (paid into the UK).  This is my only income.  Do I have to pay tax in Spain on this?  

started by: Bridie-17057 · last update: 1363131692 · posted: 1363030828

Does anyone know whether I need to renew my residencia? I have read that it needs to be renewed after 5 years but mine has no expiry date on it.

started by: Scooby Doo-17257 · last update: 1363076532 · posted: 1363031102

Can anyone tell me how I go about getting a copy of my car tax bill, I never received it.

started by: Bridie-17057 · last update: 1362871601 · posted: 1361276511

I have read about a new fiscal obligation for residents in Spain (Spanish citizens, foreigners, individuals or companies) will be obliged to declare all overseas assets.   I believe the reporting period is March – April 2013. Does anyone have any further information?

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How do I register as a tax resident here?

started by: Milflores-882092 · last update: 1362502012 · posted: 1362433653

I recently reported a dangerous dog to the police and they have emailed me to say they have made a denuncia and gave me the reference number.  Where can I read a denuncia that the police have made online?  Does anyone know the website?

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Can I use the 'manure' from my hen house on my veg patch? Does it make good manure?

started by: Tomillo-882094 · last update: 1361843483 · posted: 1361529651

I read recently that the Spanish Government are reducing the Autonomo charge to €50 a month for people under 30 to help get them on the books and in work.  With a standard rate at circa 370 regardless of earnings or hours worked it does not encourage part time work and the charges are crippling me as I only work a few hours a day.  Anyone know if they are going to introduce a pro-rata rate or reduced rate for over 30s?  I don't mind contributing if its pro-rata but at the moment its about 60% of my monthly earnings and I might be better off not working!

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Could someone please tell me whether, if you do some work for someone - plumbing, electrical,cleaning etc - you are required to ask the client for his/her NIE and show it on the invoice you supply? Thanks

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I am making a claim on my house insurance after storm damage.  The insurance company want a quote and a 'certificado de banco con no cuenta'. What is that and how do I get one?

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I have lost my .es domain due to the incompetence of my registrar company.  This is costing me money in lost business and adminsitration to get myself a new website up and running which initially will not be high on google searches like my existing one .  I am only a small B&B, I make just enough to live a modest life so I cannot afford a fortune.  Any tips on how to get some compensation for lost business and cancellations?

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Can anyone explain what the Adjustment in Grid Access fees 1 Jan to 31 march @ €9.07 a month that has appeared on my electricity bill. I see the adjusment is spread across the year which amounts to €108 extra. Is this something everyone has to pay?

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I am moving to live permanently in Ibiza at the end of the year and planning on setting up my own business, I am aware I will need NIE etc and a lawyer to assist with paperwork, but does anybody know how much approxiamately this will all cost ?

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Dear Angloinfo members,  I wonder if any of you can advise me on my current situation? I am a British citizen living and working in Palma de Mallorca. I have lived there since October 2011. I have a N.I.E., a Certificado de Empadronamiento and pay tax and social security.  My partner is an Australian citizen with no EU ancestry. We have been together for 3.5 years and are getting married in August 2013.  He lived in the UK for two years, then visited Spain on a Schengen visa. He has now returned to Australia, because his UK visa has expired and he reached the maximum allowed time in the Schengen zone.   We would like to live together in Mallorca, but have been unable to find clear guidelines on the process. We have contacted a lawyer regarding the 'pareja de hecho' process, but have been told that this is not possible in the Balearics because at least one of us must be a Spanish national. Neither of us are Spanish nationals.   Can my Australian partner legally reside in Mallorca with me before we are married? If so, what is the process for obtaining residency for him?   Many thanks for your time and assistance.  

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Does anyone know if it is possible to search online for a denuncia that has been issued?  Or does anyone know exactly what a denuncia is and the process involved?  Thanks in advance

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hi, does anyone know the process to obtain a copy of the original nie doc, we have the number, but not the form, has anyone done this?

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About to draw down a UK private pension. How will it be treated for tax in Spain and will the tax fee lump sum be recognised as tax free here?

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Winter fuel allowance: A friend of mine who lives here has been in contact with pensions in Newcastle 0044 191 218 7777 and they confirmed she can now apply for the fuel allowance and it may well be backdated. When calling you will need you NI number and need to confirm name adddress and bank details then the forms will be sent to you. Good news!

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We are buying a property on Mallorca at a cost of 47,000 euro. Our solicitor originally quoted us 500 euro for the cost of the Notary to witness the final contract, we've now been told this will be 1,000 euro - this seems extortionate! Does anyone know how we can find out the actual cost of a Notary so we can challenge the solicitors? We have also had all the other costs doubled but are nervous of tackling the solicitor as we haven't completed yet. Any help would be really gratefully received. Thanks

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