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Winter fuel allowance: A friend of mine who lives here has been in contact with pensions in Newcastle 0044 191 218 7777 and they confirmed she can now apply for the fuel allowance and it may well be backdated. When calling you will need you NI number and need to confirm name adddress and bank details then the forms will be sent to you. Good news!

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We are buying a property on Mallorca at a cost of 47,000 euro. Our solicitor originally quoted us 500 euro for the cost of the Notary to witness the final contract, we've now been told this will be 1,000 euro - this seems extortionate! Does anyone know how we can find out the actual cost of a Notary so we can challenge the solicitors? We have also had all the other costs doubled but are nervous of tackling the solicitor as we haven't completed yet. Any help would be really gratefully received. Thanks

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We own and live in our flat. The flat next door is tenanted by an extremely aggressive woman. An air conditioning unit belonging to next door is situated above our bedroom and is so noisy it is keeping us awake. We have asked the managing company to let us have the name and address of the owner of the property but they say they cannot supply this due to Data Protection issues. Does anyone know if there is some register of property owners.Surely if you own a flat you are entitled to know who are the owners of the other flats in the building.Many thanks for any suggestions.

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I have the chance of doing some freelance translation work but it will ony pay about 350 a month which will help supplement my income. What would I have to do here in Spain? Would this class as self employed - I would be working from home. I read somewhere that there are new regs for homeworkers. Is there an exemption from social security if you earn below a certain amount?

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I am approachng 55 and I have a small private pension in the UK that I can take out at 55. I am reallyunsure what is best to draw it in sterling and have it paid into a UK account or have it paid through Spain in Euros. I have also read about QROPS but worry about my pension being in Euros if the Euro collapses. I know QROPS carry high charges and may not be all they seem to be and I aam very untrusting of financial advisors. Has anyone any personal experience they can share.

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I've noticed some posts on a couple of the English speaking Facebook pages in Mallorca referring to a change of law on 10th July regarding British residency in Spain. They are rather vague, and as I'm off the island for a couple of months, I feel I may be out of the loop for local changes. Is anyone aware of these changes? If so what are they and how do they affect British citizens in the Balearics?

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somebody paid me in travellers cheques....how and where can I cash them

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I believe an ex-pat in Switzerland took a case to Strasbourg about the Winter Fuel allowance for people reaching age 60 after moving abroad and won the case. I understand the UK government now have to pay the allowance from next winter. Does anyone else know any more about this?

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I wasin my bank the other day and they told me I can now have sterling current account to run alongside my Euros current account and then can bring my money over from the UK in Sterling and not convertto Euros until I need some. With all the worries about the Euro I wondered if it was a good idea. I would have quicker access to my money and they say you get the best rate on the day but not sure that would be as good a rate as using the currency transfer brokers in the UK. Has anyone got one of these accounts and what do you think to the rates of exchange you get?

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can anyone recommend a solicitor who can advise on very noisy neighbuor.

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I have lost my card and I do not know how to obtain another. My card was issued in Barcelona but I now live in Palma.Can anyone help me with this???Thanks,Sharon

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Hi - does anyone know what happens after paro runs out - I believe there is the payment of ayuda (the 400euros or so a month) .. how long does this last for? and how do you apply for it/qualify for it and then how often do you have to renew it? what papers are needed and when.... ? I have searched the web but without being able to find much detail. Many thanks.

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Hello Can anyone explain to me what the legal position is regarding renting out your apartment for holiday lets, i.e. one or two weeks at a time?

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Hi all, We moved to Mallorca and looking for a decent bank (for residents) in Mallorca, English speaking and reasonable fees. Can you share some experiences and advise on which bank is favorable and which is not?We are living near Manacor, but any location will do, as we don't know yet what our permanent location will be.Thanks!

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NIE and RecidenciaSometime this week am going to register both my Nie and Recidencia..Please would you kindly let me know which bank process the money transaction on each day of the week as I am unable to walk and need to get a taxi but don't know which bank to go..Thank you

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I'm looking to invest in a business in Mallorca [or possibly Ibiza or Menorca]. I'm particularly interested in tourism and marine related businesses. Whether you have an established business, have just started up or have a business idea and would like to work with a partner, please get in touch for an initial discussion.

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This year there will be changes to the QROPS arrangements and rules. The draft regulations relating to QROPS published in late 2011 have the potential to change the QROPS landscape. It is becoming accepted that there is likely to be little by way of alteration to the draft regulations and QROPS jurisdictions are looking to adapt with effect from the 6 April 2012 implementation date. The consultation period with the Financial Industry has just completed.There is a little more information on my bloghttp://expatsfrombritain.blogspot.com/2011/12/qrops-in-2012.htmlThere is also an up date to INFOrmation at Anglo Infohttp://balearics.angloinfo.com/countries/spain/qrops.aspPlease let me know if you have any queriesdavidgoodall

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We allowed a man to stay in the basement flat of our villa for 5 months ,we never liked his girlfriend and they split up and we informed him she was not allowed on the property in fact even through the gate . My husband spotted her sneaking into the flat and I suspect she has been living there for several weeks with her ex boyfriend without our knowledge or permission.before we confront the ex boyfriend how do we protect our legal rights as he has keys to the basement and our backdoor .

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I have been appointed executor of my late partner's estate in his Will created by a Scottish Firm of solicitors. The bank here in Mallorca does not seem to recognise this legal document and have refused me access to his bank accounts. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of how to overcome this problem. I get the impression the bank manager has done little to investigate the problem. So I intend to write to head office but could do with some advice.Thanks

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Hi, I've heard that you can get a prepaid mastercard and then you don't have to pay for booking fees, but does anyone know which banks do one where you don't have to have an account with them to be eligible? And also...I know it's a big ask, but I need it to be in a bank that is open after 4pm/on a Saturday...any ideas? Thanks

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