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Hi, does anyone know what the transfer tax on secondhand cars is in Mallorca?

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Found an interesting article regarding Inheritance tax for property owned in Spain. take a look at http://www.inheritance-tax-in-spain.com

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Would anyone be able to spread light on this matter. I am about to move to Santa eugenia..and I would like to see about a pool. however, they say that you cant get permits to put one in.. BUT someone said as long as you make a water deposit that is not tiled...that you can get away with it being called a water deposit?? is that true/? what about the size? is there a restriction on the size then? if it only a water deposit..can you have a 10meter by 5 meter pool? SAM samhyer@hotmail.com

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Could anyone please advise me how to go about renewing my residencia. It expires next month.Many thanks

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Does anyone know the rules about pools? Someone told me that if you have a pool that is made of fibre glass or the plastic types.. they are not considered to be a permanent fixture so therefore are legal.. BUT What about putting them in the ground rather than having a monster of a thing sitting on top of the ground?? oh and what are the average prices? anyone know a good cheap supplier here? sAM

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Hi Where can I find log cabins to buy on the island... it is for living in.. for extra space in the garden. does anyone have any advice?? are they legal to put in the garden? SAm samhyer@hotmail.com

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I just split coffee on my passport - the front cover is a bit stained but everything inside is fine. am i going to have to replace it? please say no!!!

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Does anybody know what rights we have as customers in retail shops as I was refused a refund from a well known clothes shop just because the price tag had come off! They said I could change the item for something else but I couldn´t find anthing else I liked & they don´t give credit notes. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem & is the shop in the right. Thanks in advance. Isabel

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Does anyone know how long it takes the courts to issue a payment to the recipient after it has been paid by the defendant into the court.Please. Thanks Lynne

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Good Evening, we're new to this website and live and work outside Mallorca overseas, having recently bought a property in the South East that we're now renting out as a holiday let.We'd appreciate it if anyone has any insights and understanding to what the above charges are about. We've asked our bank to explain but as yet received no answer.There has been a double charge of €19 in one day, which I just found unusual! Is it a standard one-off charge for regularly paying community charges?Many thanks for any elucidation on this.B & D

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Renting in Ibiza. We have been told that we will have a 2 year contract with the proviso that if the owner sells the property we will be given three months notice on the next rental quarter, We have been told that we have to pay 3 months rent each quarter in advance if we want the 3 months notice plus 2 months deposit . We have also been told that the owners will not sign the contract/lease and the agreement is with the agent not the owner . The agent will sign and all payments are to be paid to the agents account and they will hold the deposit. Is this the normal and how are we protected under the law . What if the owner says he did not agree to the terms at a later date . What rights and protection will we have with a contract with the above conditions. The rental is 3.500 a month or termed a luxury rental so not covered under the laws that apply to cheaper rentals . We have not rented longterm before and want to make sure we do everything to protect ourselves against any future problems. Such as being told to leave as the owner did not sign the contract/lease or they sell the property and being told to leave .

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where can I get a copy of my NIE number and where do I have to go to get the new residents certificate?

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Anybody got any good or just advice how to get rid of a nightmare tenant on a one year contract!! Help!

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what is an nie number and how do i know if i need one

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Thinking about a lovely rental opportunity in Mahon. I'm getting conflicting advice from my UK based accountant and my UK based lawyer. One says if I spend more than 183 days out of the UK, I need to register for Spanish residency.The other claims that 90 days in Spain will trigger that requirement.Who's right?(It was my intention to spend two months on Menorca followed by two months in the UK, ad finitum. I won't be working in Spain - only when I'm back in the UK, so no tax liabilities, one presumes.)

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No fees or charges and no adverts. I thought it would be useful to summarise the issues raised in October, whilst they are fresh and relevant. http://expatsfrombritain.blogspot.com/2010/10/october-summary.htmlThe blog is regularly updated throughout the monthDavid

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Has anyone found themselves in this position were the EX refuses to pay costs for the childrens' EXTRAS ordered by Divorce Judgement. He used to pay on time when we were seperated for the EXTRAS and the childrens' monthly support but since we are Divorced he misses the deadline for the monthly child support and refuses to reimburse the EXTRAS. I now have no money left for lawyers and would like to seek out free legal aid but dont know where to register, can anyone advise. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know if Spanish Banks charge you to recieve Paypal payments into your account? If so how much, is it a percentage or a set figure?

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I want to change my home and health insurance from Axa, but would like to have some recommendations from people rather than use a broker and just take what they say is best.

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Hi,I am a yacht captain working offshore, therefore I complete tax returns in the UK, which is my place of residence, but I currently do not have to pay tax.At the moment the yacht is moored in Palma, and will be for a good chunk of the summer.I need an NIE so that I can purchase a car and so on, can anyone advise whether this would affect my UK tax affairs?I dont want to become a resident in spain, at this stage anyway, as we will probably be off somewhere else again soon.Any advice greatly appreciated, even if just similar experiences.Many thanksCameron

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