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HiPlease could anybody share any info on street trading / mobile catering laws on Ibiza?I would be very grateful, thanksAngie

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Can anyone tell me what the standard requirements for paperwork are in order to open a bank account?

started by: ElDreamer · last update: 1276180379 · posted: 1275381088

What's the best bank to have to avoid paying the ridiculous account management fees that I keep being lumbered with?

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Has anyone heard of the Mallorcan tax authorities trying to revalue and inflate the value of a property for capital gains tax liability a year after the sale has completed? The aim of this being to increase the capital gains tax payable over and above the 3% retention.

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Can anyone tell me what I need to apply for an NIE on someone else's behalf. I have been told that I need power of attorney and that it has to been signed by a notary? has anyone done this?Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Does anyone know if there are any laws regarding busking in Palma?

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Can anyone give me any advice or help on IRPF please? I have been working on a contract basis in Mallorca for just over 2 years only to be told recently by my manager that i should have been completing tax returns!!!! Any advice or pointers to tax advisors (who dont charge the earth!!) would be welcome!!! Thanks again1!!!

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In the UK, I trade for a living, which is tax free. I would like to keep this status but also spend as little time in the UK as possible. I believe the rule is 90 days in the UK to retain tax resident status though I have also heard 183 days mentioned.If I move to Ibiza, as long as I remain there for less than 183 days, I am told I do not become tax resident in Spain. However, would trading be classed as a contracted employment? It is self employment after all.

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Financial investor is sought for a new Real Estate agency, based in Mallorca that will offer a completely new outlook to the Real Estate industry and actually benefit from the current downturn in the market. A full financial forecast and business plan is available for viewing and discussion. For further information please forward your details and we shall contact you by return.

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Can anyone tell me a good place to change money. Somewhere in the South of Mallorca

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Hi there, I know there are a number of posts here regarding this topic, but I just thought I'd see if anyone has more specific advice for my situation- We need a Gestoria (Palma) to help me get residency (I am a NZer, fiance English), I believe we need to get married so if anyone has any info on Gestorias that could help, I would be very grateful. Cheers, Catherine

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Hi guys, so what´s the deal here when you buy a property. Do you have all the searches done on it like you do back in the UK? I have found somewhere that I like but it´s very old and needs a lot of work, but I´m worried there will be a mountain of hidden nasties once I have brought it. I guess I have to get myself a good solicitor - is that the procedure here?

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One question.. There was this person who emailed me because she wants to buy an embroidery machine I am selling. She said she wants it and agrees on the amout (about 800 euro) and will mail me a cheque. And now she sent me this reply below... It seem kind of strange or does it? Should I just go ahead with it? Why would she do this? For tax reasons? Or could it be some weirdo/scam?"Hello,Your payment will be mailed out tomorrow. I have to tell you though that the cheque is in the amount of 3,900 euro because my shipper request payment to register the unit with his company before coming for the pick it up. So as soon as u get the cheque you will cash it and remit the balance to my shipper who will be coming to your place to pick up the item. I am doing this based on trust. the address the cheque will be mailed to.." etc.Let me know if you can help me here..Thanks

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Can anyone advise how we can get a license to trade, on this island calvia area preferred, we want a mobile street traders license to sell ice cream and cold drinks any help appreciated as were banging our head against a brick wall with calvia council the only word they know is NO NO NO NO NO l mack

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Hi! Can anyone recommend a Book keeping agency or Gestoria with staff that speaks English? I am autonomo. Thanks a lot!

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My neighbour keeps a very smelly horse in a stable right next to my garden..what rights do I have?

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There is so much conflicting info regarding the issue of renting holiday apartments/villas in Mallorca. I have read articles in the Daily Bulletin in which it is said the authorities are going to come down on those who do, with fines as much as 4,000 euros per bed. I believe to legalise the activity one needs a tourist license which is all but impossible to acquire. My lawyer claims that as long as no other activity such as provifding food or daily cleaning is given, it is legal. Of course there are so many web sites offering accom in Mallorca, it wouldn't be hard for the authorities to find the owners, but, it seems completely illogical that the authorities would cut the source of much needed clientele to the local bars and restaurants when the all inclusive hotel offers are killing them. Can anyone help me with more info on this.

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I'm a Spanish citizen and a public high school teacher  in Ibiza, but I lived and worked in Chicago between 2002 and 2008. My partner is an American citizen and he is from Chicago, IL. He is planning on moving to Spain some time in Sept. 2009. He will be coming here to live with me. We will be living in my condominium in Ibiza.I would appreciate any information you could give me on how to find out and where to address ourselves  to get an extended Visa that will allow John to be here for more than 3 months and will allow him to get a work Visa while he is here. He is a Fitness trainer and he could work training people in different gyms, although he is also open to any job. Another big concern for us is his medical insurance? Who should we contact for Medical Insurance? Anything you can do to assist me would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for all your help beforehand. We really appreciate it!Sincerely,Jorge and John

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Does anyone have any knowledge of inheritance tax in Mallorca? We own our house here and don't know the process or whether a British Will would be recognized here. Thanks for any possible help.

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If you are taken on legally by a Company do you still have to get your residencia or does the company just apply to the social security office and that sufficient? Or do I still have to get my residencia? NBY

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