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Hi all!Just joined and already having a question:I live in Mallorca most of the time but am not "resident".I need a bank account to pay rent and to receive payments (ebay trading and web/consulting services) from within Europa including(!) from Spain.Anyone know any nice & decent banker who speaks English and where I could get such an account?Banca March is out of the question (I guess) because as far I was able to read in their terms, they do offer an account like I need but only for residents. Other account types are available, but with those you can't receive transfers FROM WITHIN Spain.Thanx for your suggestions!

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I have had a letter to say I owe some Income and also wealth tax. The amounts are not much, around 100 euros. I am going to be charged 300 euros through a law firm to sort it for me! Does anyone know if I can pay these charges in person? or any other info please. salinasone

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What's the situation with unemployment benefit over here? Is it like the UK?

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good morning...can anyone recommend a good lawyer or solicitor in ibiza and its important that they speak reasonable English maybe one who specialises in traffic incidents please...thank youkerry

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Hi everyone, I really need a good accountant can anyone recommend anyone. I keep hearing so many bad stories about various different companies. Thanks Andy S

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Hi. My family and I are relocating to Mallorca very soon, from Menorca, and i would like to know if anyone knows or can reccommend a good English speaking Lawyer and Gestoria on the island. Many Thanks Hayley

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Hello All,Happy New Year.Just wondering how the Balearics is coping with this economic crisis credit crunch end of the world as we know it thing. Better or worse than the UK? Any good tips on saving money?

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Hi, I would really appreciate a bit of help or guidance please. I am starting a business which will run short boat cruises along the Mallorcan coast during the holiday season (May - September). I intend to live on the boat while I am operating in Mallorca which means that I will not have a permanent Spanish address to obtain my IME Number. Also, because of the nature of my business, does it have to be a Spanish registered business at all, or could I conduct business under my British company? And finally, what are the formalities and procedures that I have to follow to start trading in Mallorca considering my situation? Thanks, Scott

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Hello, Does anyone know how easy,difficult is to get the NIE number and what papers to one non eu citizen need? Where is the place to apply for it, l heard you go to the local police station for that but l m not sure as l don t have any accurate informations about it. thanks

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Hi - Can anyone recommend a Gestoria in Palma who knows about the ins and outs of the Oficina de Extranjeros for Non-EU citizens?

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Has anyone had any experiences with Spanish banks and their online banking facilities? I want to switch my banking to here in Spain. Do they have them in English? Any comments good or bad please. charlie

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hi, i was just wondering if there is a service here similar to in the Uk.....Like "injury lawers for you". I need to find out my legal rights here about an accident which occured here in Mallorca........Anyone know anything......let me know please Mandy

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Hi, Can a non-resident open a bank account?

started by: toni T · last update: 1217582541 · posted: 1217419861

hello there people, been trying to use some of the Spanish banks on line facilities and just wondering what ones are the simplest to use, and also have instructions in English?

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Is it true Santander brought out A&L??

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hi can anyone advise me? my husband and i are looking to move to palma nova or there abouts within the next 3 years, we are looking to rent not buy a property to live in and to rent a shop. can anyone advise us of a website etc apart from this one where we can find out info about eg: do we take on past renters debts etc. and other information that might help us. hope someone can help. regards deb & kev.

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Has anyone had problems getting through to English speaking staff? I recently had to claim on my policy and tried to call to speak to someone in English. I was constantly cutt off or told that there was no one who could speak English right now. I would hate to know what would happen in a more serious situation. Luckily mine wasnt. Is this a common problem? mark

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Hi Does anybody know what the situation is regarding building 2 separate houses on one plot of land.

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What is position on income from 'overseas bonds' here, do you have to declare your offshore income?

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My daughter is in the process of applying for enpadronament, she already has residencia. She has moved to another apartment (in the same block, therefore in the same administrative area) since getting her residencia in February. Does anyone out there know if she will have to change her address in order to qualify? Annie

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