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Last year I set up an SL company and contracted a local accountant to do my bookkeeping and necessaries. Early this year I felt that I may be able to get better service elsewhere and duly approached someone else to do my business. The hand over was a little bit messy to say the least. Then my new accountant informed me that my accounts for 2007 had not been closed and for them to complete this they would have to input the whole year and change me for it. They suggested that I contact my old accountant and get them to do it, but so far they are refusing and are saying it is not their responsibility. I have spoken to other accountants who have all said the same. As anyone had any experience similar to this or can anyone give any advice? michael

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can't seem to find info on this within the site, so hopefully someone can offer a good link... i'm planning on starting my own business here in mallorca within the next few weeks. i've been here for 5 years or so & am a resident, so that's sorted. i just really need some guidance as to the steps involved, from an administration side of things, in setting up as a sole trader. the bank account side of things will be fairly straightforward i guess; i'm more concerned with being 'official', paying the correct level of tax, social security etc. i know i could pay a gestor to do all this for me, but i feel i should know & understand what i'm getting into too! help?! asher

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Hi does anyone know of any finance houses here or stockbrokers/fund managers (english speaking)AmandaC

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i am looking for a legal representative for a claim against son amar, anyone knowing of a good reliable solicitor who deals with claims i would appreciate it, i had a fall on a step in the venue, and broke my leg in 3 places i have suffered terrible pain and 2 operations, and dont want this to happen to anyone else l mack

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Ibiza - Has anyone had trouble getting decent car insurance? Thanks Mark W

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If I buy a house and then sell it within a year or two, will capital gains tax apply? And if it does apply how much is it? Does it make any difference whether I am a resident or not? Thanks. -Cheeto

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Does anybody insure french reg cars on the island, it has current C.T. My insurance company wont cover it here. Thanks Brett

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I am having major difficulties with Orange, they are charging me for two lots of ADSL connections for two addresses where I only live at one address, they owe me six months of fees. How do I go about trying to go get refunded as no luck on the phone, very rude, not at all helpful.

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Does anyway know of a good English speaking lawyer in Ibiza in connection with property/inheritance law. Please email me direct with any replies. Thanks. Also is there someone in Ibiza who speaks fluent Spanish/English who could work with me for one day, probably in October, to visit a few places and translate. diamond

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I live on the island and am due to get married next year. I have found a venue and now need to know how to proceed. I have been told by some people that you have to be a resident to get married here. And that there are two types of ceremony. I am not quite ofey on the legalities. Can anyone help who has done this before, or knows more than i do about this. Thanks ever so much

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