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Hello everyone. We live in France and will be visiting Majorca in October. Can anyone tell us the best place to buy the terracotta cazuelas dishes (I think that's what they're called but may go under other names). We want the 20 cms ones if possible. Our current ones bought in Nerja about 20 years ago have seen better days!  Also, we haven't booked accommodation yet but probably looking at Cala Bona to stay so any recommendations would be good (Half-Board). We love walking so if anyone can recommend any, perhaps 6-8kms that would be great. Also, are there any good factory shops (not pearls!) for clothes/shoes etc?  Thanks.

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Hola amigos!  Im a Mallorca native who has been living in Australia for the past 3 years. Now tis time to come home!  Does anyone know of a good removalist or shipping/moving company to move from Melbourne Australia to Palma de Mallorca? Any Aussie expats living in Mallorca have any advice??  I got married here, so I have about 4 cubic  mtrs of stuff, mainly gifts, breakables and no furniture. Most of the  International companies here in Melbourne got really bad reviews online, lots of breakage, damage and loss reported. Any Nz or Aussie expats on the island have any advice?? please let me know! Cheers, Red

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Hi thereWe have a holiday apartment in Cala Llonga and found a really helpful chap who did airport runs from Pueblo Esparragos to the airport, but we didn't keep his details.  We are over next week and wondered if anyone knew of him or anyone else that offers this service ?Many thanks

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I am looking to contact any business travel agency staff living in Mallorca. I will be in Palma on wednesday and thursday 12/13th July and would be interested in speaking about a possible upcoming project! 

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Hi, does anybody out there know of a campsite in Ibiza which will take motorhome and accept dogs?  My niece is getting married there next June and we want to travel there from France in our motorhome. But I cannot find anywhere at all that will accept both dogs and motorhome. Can anyone help please?

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Does anyone use a Gesan/Perkins diesel generator? Who would you look for if it requires any repairs. I need a gasket replaced for the fuel feed and need a special tool to remove the cover. I am unable to locate any one who can do this. I can not even locate a gesan/perkins outlet in Mallorca.

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Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic who could repair my diesel generator which needs new gasket for the fuel supply system (I think). I live in the Sineu area 

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Hi, can anyone help.  I have recently experienced fraudulent activity from one of the orange shops and orange have even admitted that but because the shop obviously lie to them there is nothing they will do.  They have evidence in recorded phone calls but they wont listen to them.  They also have records of texts they sent to me confirming compensation they never paid me.  I have been advised by one of their reps that I should deal with this matter and all he could tell me is there are bodies that can help with this stuff.  Apparently law in Spain doesn't require them to give the information of who you can raise these cases with, so I am assuming there must be an ombudsman or regulatory body.  Can anyone advise on this ?

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Any idea of the current price of Menorca Varca shoes on the island ?  I used to buy mine from the factory on Mahon harbour, or the markets in Mahon or Ciutadella .....just trying to compare, as here in France they are upwards of 45 euros (just the plain, basic pair !) ....and who does mail order ??

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No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link provides some clues as to how British expats may be affected.http://www.ecfr.eu/page/-/ECFR_176_-_HOW_BREXIT_COULD_HURT_EXPATS.pdf

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We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd point out our recently updated How To on just that topic: https://angloinfo.com/balearics/how-to/page/balearics-moving-residency-spanish-citizenshipMadgeAngloinfo Community Manager

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Hi There. Luiza and I would like to partially relocate from London to somewhere in the Balearics. The question is where?I am a semi-retired entrepreneur and Luiza teaches yoga, qi gong, energy work and breathing techniques. We both love hiking, music (I play blues guitar) and Luiza loves dancing. We are looking to spend the period between Spring and Autumn away from London but commuting back there as necessary.Luiza very much likes to teach but we are blessed in that earning an income is not the main driver.We just returned from a short trip to Ibiza but although it is beautiful and we made some friends it seems to go crazy in the short season and you have to drive everywhere. Outside the season things close down and of course property to rent or buy is very expensive.Can anyone give us some alternatives. Somewhere that stays open all year, sea views ideally and like minded open people.. oh and we don't have to drive everywhere...Thanks so much!Stephen and Luiza

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Hi all, Does anyone rent out a place for holidays? We are thinking of renting our apartment and would like to know which company you use and whether you are happy  / get lots of bookings. Thanks!

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I was wondering if anyone has any contacts at Telefonica who speak good English, and might be able to help us.  We actually left Mallorca last October, but we kept our Movistar account going so our house buyers could take it over.  The snag is we also had a mobile phone on the account, which we now want to stop, and close the whole thing down (as the rest of it has been transferred).  This may sound easy, but I've tried everything, including phoning and live chat - nobody will speak English, and I keep being directed to an online form that doesn't appear to work (you fill it in, press 'Enviar', and nothing happens!).  Short of just closing our Spanish bank account (so they can't take any more money out of it), I'm at my wit's end, and have no idea how to proceed!  Anyone got any ideas?

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Does anyone know of a service going to an/or from Ibiza from/to the UK?  There are companies who regularly make trips to/from the Limousin in France from/to the UK and I wondered if there was anyone offering a similar service to Ibiza.  I want to move a couple of  boxes.

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Hi.  I am moving to Menorca when I have sold my house.   I am going to have an exploratory holiday in September,  to have a look around the island.   Areas,  prices,  facilities.   I will need to buy fairly soon after the sale of my house.    (Don't really want to have an interim rental period.)    Can any expats contact me with any advice,   or possibly meet up with them in Menorca ?    I am a male in my sixties.  Single,  and have taken early retirement.     Advice/help/meet  please.

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Advice please.  My Daughter  is moving to Ibiza and wants to work as a self emploiyed beauty therapist, which is what she does in the uk.  Can anyone tell me what she needs to do to register as self employed?

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Any know why I can't prinit in black and white on my HP printer. The colour cartridge is empty and the black one full but it won't print.

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i would like to rent a wheelchair my elderly father who manages without  in the UK but i think here in palma it would be safer for him to use one.  can anyone help ? it would be from the end of may until the middle of june.

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Anyone had any success with online Spanish courses? If so which did you use and how are you getting on?

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