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Hola amigos!  Im a Mallorca native who has been living in Australia for the past 3 years. Now tis time to come home!  Does anyone know of a good removalist or shipping/moving company to move from Melbourne Australia to Palma de Mallorca? Any Aussie expats living in Mallorca have any advice??  I got married here, so I have about 4 cubic  mtrs of stuff, mainly gifts, breakables and no furniture. Most of the  International companies here in Melbourne got really bad reviews online, lots of breakage, damage and loss reported. Any Nz or Aussie expats on the island have any advice?? please let me know! Cheers, Red

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Jeanie b stevens 1430157128

the best is Grace bros,I can highly recommend,they might be a little more pricey but there packing is excellent that was from Sydney last April ,good luck.

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