Terracotta dishes and Cala Bona!

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Hello everyone. We live in France and will be visiting Majorca in October. Can anyone tell us the best place to buy the terracotta cazuelas dishes (I think that's what they're called but may go under other names). We want the 20 cms ones if possible. Our current ones bought in Nerja about 20 years ago have seen better days!  Also, we haven't booked accommodation yet but probably looking at Cala Bona to stay so any recommendations would be good (Half-Board). We love walking so if anyone can recommend any, perhaps 6-8kms that would be great. Also, are there any good factory shops (not pearls!) for clothes/shoes etc?  Thanks.

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bazpalmer 1488614745

Hi just a thought why not visit the market in Sineu there is usually a couple of stalls that sell the terracotta dishes you are looking for and if that fails you can always enjoy the market anyway, especially the miniature pigs carrying out various tricks. www.everythingmallorca.com/markets/sineu-market

Balli 1488712301

Thanks for that. I've just looked at Sineu market, it looks great. Definitely on our 'must visit' list! We've been to Majorca about 3 or 4 times before but have never been to this one.

LIA-16525 1490183526

Hello and Greetings from Sa Coma Mallorca!

My recomendation to stay would be the Hotel Cala Bona.  It is a family run Hotel 

right on the beautiful Habour of Cala Bona.  Though it is always very busy so I would book as soon

as you are able.  Regarding you dishes...yes they are Cazuelas. Close to Cala Bona is

the town of Son Servera. They have a Market every week and there you would be able

to find your dishes and many other culinary artcles....

There is also a very large Market in Felanitx on a Sunday...and another in Manacor on a Monday..which has a bit of everything and Cala Millor too, but this one is more for clothes...I too would recomend Sinau, it is a bit further out but well worth visiting...hope this helps...

If you need any other information please just Post me...all the best...

Balli 1490806222

Thank you for that. We can't decide whether to go Half-Board or just breakfast. Does anyone know what time dinner is served in hotels in general? I seem to remember that it is quite late, and if so this will be the deciding factor for us early-eaters! Thanks in advance.

Balli 1504646395

Well, we have booked and are staying in Cala D'Or. We would like to know of any leather factory outlet stores (I want a new pair of nice leather boots). Any recommendations? Thanks.

bazpalmer 1513605196

Hello Balli, just wanted to know if you made it to Sineu market ? and how was your holiday 

Balli 1513610239

No, we didn't go to Sineu as we managed to buy the dishes locally in Santanyi (we stayed at Cala D'Or). To be honest I was disappointed in Majorca - it isn't so nice as it once was. We couldn't find any nice 'real' Tapas bars, just tourist food (we don't eat burgers or pizza!). There were lots of Russians and Eastern Europeans where we stayed so, as a Brit, we felt in the minority (how very different to the Majorca of a decade+ ago!).

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