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We are now taking off our shoes inside the house. What changes have you made?

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Hi all, I have a guest staying at our house in August this year. They are getting married and the bride is looking for an English speaking hairdresser. We are in the Cala D'or area (very close to Vall D'or golf club) Can anybody help please?Thank you Claire

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Here we go again-new year/new me and all that! Just moved to this area-anyone know of weight loss groups here? Thank you 

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I am moving to Mahon in a week and I am looking for someone to run with. I go to the gym with my husband, but he isn't a runner. I don't mind running alone, but having a buddy is much more motivational. I am not especially fast, 5km pace is around 5:45 per km, marathon pace around 7:00 per km, although I'd like to improve that. I'd like to start doing a half marathon training program and then a marathon training program. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining me for runs a few days a week. 

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Please does anyone know of a place I can go for Allergy testing in Menorca? Ezcema has flared up and feel sure I am allergic to something new.With thanks Jenny 

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Does anyone belong to or know of a weightloss support group in Menorca please?

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Does anyone know anywhere in Palma that does HD brows or HI brows in a salon or that come to your home.    Thank you ! 

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Does anyone know if there is someone that does "LashLift" here in Mallorca?

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Can anybody recommend a chiropractor or osteopath? Thanks.

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Are there any suppliers or rather is there a shop that I would be able to buy protein supplements from in Cala d'Or or nearby?

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Are there other IBS sufferers out there? Mine seems to have gotten worse over the last couple of years to the extent where I really have to do something about it. Does anyone have recommendations for a diet or a doctor / herbalist / alternative therapist that they've used to positive effect?

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As a retired UK citizen, would I get healthcare if I move to Menorca? Or would I have to pay  a top up insurance? Thanks for your advice.

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Hi we have just moved to Son Severa ,we are early retirees 48 and 50 have private health cover for accident emergency cancer etc,but to keep cost down didn't take out out patients,, Not working ,have NIE  Can anyone advise how we see a doctor do we just go to one of the many policlinics dotted around we are aware we will have to pay or can we register with gp at son severa health centre all advice greatly appreciated Thanks    

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Read another forum they were talking about smoking a bit when pregnant and to help in labor. does that really happen?

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Does anyone use a chiropractor in Menorca? My father need to see one but would like to send him to one off of the back (no pun intended) of a recommendation.

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Hi can anyone reomend a hairdresser in the north of mallorca? Pollensa or Alcudia?

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Possibly a daft question but do any spas or resorts do chocotherapy on Mallorca?

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How do you access medical care in mallorca and more specifically around the inca area, ? Are Dr' s based in the pac centres and will an e111 cover a visit to a doctor? do dr's here speak English generally? Many thanks in advance. 

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Can anybody recommend an acupuncturist please in the Palma area?

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Hi guys,    I'm wondering if anyone has any marketing tips or ideas of how to get seen for a relatively low price and get the business name out there. Maybe the names of a few hot spots that are lesser known etc.  Many thanks for any help. We have a new business in its infancy that helps people get sti tests delivered to their door.  Dan

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