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Hi, Can anyone recomend a store / shop where I can purchase a satellite dish suitable for receiving freesat signals in mallorca (at least 1.7m diameter). I want to just buy the dish not a full installation.ThanksChris

started by: brodgers58 · last update: 1493582946 · posted: 1493582945

Can anyone recommend where I can buy a new fridge freezer in south west that includes delivery and installation or a reliable handyman . Many thanks B. Rodgers.

started by: Kryton · last update: 1491291569 · posted: 1448636537

Are there differing tariffs at Endesa? Can I have a cheap nightly rate for example to do my washing on?

started by: bazpalmer · last update: 1489763206 · posted: 1489763206

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can hire a back up generator for my solar system, I have tried searching the web without any luck

started by: globalnomad82 · last update: 1479560929 · posted: 1448022449

Hi, Our pool liner needs replacing 11 years after installation.  The original manufacturer was Unipool but they no longer have a representative on the island.  Can anyone recommend a reputable company who would fit a replacement liner?  We have all the information needed to order it from Germany.   Thanks!

started by: casaania · last update: 1479553844 · posted: 1467698134

Does anyone know of a company that empties septic tanks in the Canyamel/Capdepera area please? Preferably that speaks English!Thank you

started by: anns-12180 · last update: 1474818490 · posted: 1474818490

Can anyone recommend someone to carry out a repair to a flat roof

started by: cookie213 · last update: 1473868223 · posted: 1473868223

Does anyone know of someone who can resurface an enamel bath. We are based near Palma, Mallorca and would very much appreciate any information/contact details. Thank you. Carol

started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471782852 · posted: 1471782852

We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are registered on all the major house sitting websites. We've been house/pet sitting for over 4 years now and run an online business from the homes we care for in addition to: Pet sitting, Pool/House Maintenance, Light Gardening, Security, Mail Collection etc. We prefer assignments that are 4-6 months or longer and are currently booking Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017. Message me for information.Thanks for your consideration!Sincerely,Laura

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Hi, we want to rent a furnished villa for 4-5 months from about November 2016. Does anyone know if it's possible to rent vllas that are used mainly for the summer holiday business at a reduced rate, maybe even with some arrangement whereby I would do minor maintenance, like pool cleaning etc. Also, will be bringing a dog with us, anyone know the best ferry company to use and best route to take, we'll be driving down to Spain from the Channel tunnel. Thanks

started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1470147071 · posted: 1470147071

HiI'm keen to perfect her Spanish for a month or so from October onwards. Perhaps someone might be interested!I'm a Swedish mature woman,  tidy, an animal lover, avid gardener, handy and well travelled. In Cape Town, I was a real estate agent, acting on behalf of Swedish clients buying renovating and selling their properties. Currently, I live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. Hope to hear from someone via Private Message.!

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There seems to be a few discussions regarding internet options in various locations.  I'm interested in Old Town Palma. I've been told Ono fibre optic isn't available in my street.  Best other options for speed, reliability customer service etc? Regarding power and mains gas suppliers - I'm guessing I might have a choice in Palma City?  Any better than others, particularly for a non (yet) Spanish speaker.

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Hi all I was just wondering what the housing market was like on the islands at the moment. Thinking of buying and moving over but would appreciate any thoughts on where the market is heading. Has it hit rock bottom, or are we on the way up again?

started by: Travis-Wentworth-852038 · last update: 1457789204 · posted: 1457789204

We're moving to Campanet next month and running our online business from there. We're looking for the best internet access we can get. From what I've heard, the Movistar DSL isn't great, and we can do better with 4G-based service from IB-Red, Wifi Baleares, or Conecta Balear. Those are the 3 I'm aware of. Does anyone have experience with these, good or bad, or could recommend something else? Thanks!

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I am seeking an English speaking builder to refurb a kitchen and bathroom and additional tiling.  Any recommendations welcome providing you have personal experience of working with them.  Small flat in Calvia.  Many thanks

started by: cookie213 · last update: 1453744714 · posted: 1453141502

Hello Everyone I want to install tv in my apartment in Palma. I have been told that I can access British channels on a smart TV with wifi. I don't want the costs of satelite TV because I'm not living there for much of the year. Please could someone confirm that a smart TV allows access to BBC and some other British channels. I  was told that Movistar wifi only gives you American English speaking channels. What wifi provider is recommended and what sort of costs are involved? Help with this would be much appreciated.    

started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1453712105 · posted: 1448027227

Is there a Spanish Rightmove.co.uk for searching properties in Majorca?

started by: ElDreamer · last update: 1452606612 · posted: 1450783744

How is the amount of tax payable each year (coucil tax I dare say you'd call it) calculated?

started by: Dianajbh · last update: 1451912427 · posted: 1451218483

hi, does anyone know where you can buy 1kg carbon dioxide CO2 canisters in Mallorca ? 

started by: baxpalmer · last update: 1450451353 · posted: 1449398107

Does anyone know if there are any log delevery services in the Sineu area ?. I know I can drive arround and look for the hand painted signs but I have  only got a little fiat panda and you can't get many logs in it 

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