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Hi, my name is Sandra. I am trying to move to the UK sometime this year or next with my 2 dogs. For what I have found out air travel companies do not accept pets at present. I guess the only feasable option would be to travel by ferry, road, ferry...I would like to get in touch with people with the same situation to join forces and share expenses. Please any idea would be welcome. Best.

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Hi can anyone recommend a dog sitter in or around Cala dor Mallorca

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Looking to adopt a dog and prefer to go to one of the animal charities rather than buy a puppy. Any recommendations?

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I am looking for a dog sitter who takes dogs into their own home, walks them regularly as I have two working dogs that need a lot of exercise. My dogs are well trained but I need a home where you dont have any dogs of your own because I prefer my dogs to be the only ones in the home and no cats as my doggies are prone to chasing them! They are used to being around hens but I prefer no horses. Countryside location preferred.  Willing to travel for the right place.

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Are there dog-frinedly beaches in Mallorca this time of year or are they all reserved for humans!?  

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As I have a bit of free time and liked animals, I wondered if anyone knew of a dog shelter that required hel? Walking, playing, grooming that sort of thing.

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Im trying to find a cheap way of taking my cat back from Palma to London. Safe and reliable. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Can you take dogs on the ferry as a foot passenger?

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Some friends of ours have a few more cats than they can manage, and are looking for a good home for one of them. It's a pure black, male 2 yrs old, good disposition, nutered, in excellent health, all shots and papers, including a passport, he's been well taken care of, reglularly de-flea'd and had regular ear mite treatments. Anyone who needs a loving pet out there? This is an opprtunity to get one that already has the bulk of the expense paid.

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Hello Everyone, I have been in Spain for a couple of months on a house-sitting assignment and have been really saddened to see a number of presumably abandoned dogs wandering about, some in a terrible state. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what to do in this circumstance? As I am house-sitting I am not in a position to take dogs in unfortunately. On a broader level than the plight of individual dogs, I have found a website: www.esdaw.eu which looks at this problem in depth and is aiming to do something about it. The site is well worth a good read to understand the true extent of the problem across Europe. It also has an action section, with petitons to sign. In addition there is a link to MEPs. I wrote to every Spanish MEP yesterday by e-mail.  There are 53 of them and it only took a couple of hours. Several have replied already and I hope and believe that if we bring this matter to their attention in numbers, we will bring about change. Please pass this on to anyone who you think may wish to participate. 'Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.' (Alfred A. Montapert) Only the actions of individuals can bring about change. Thank you.

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We have 2 cats that love to spend their time in the comfort of their own home (no catteries for these pampered pets). Whilst we are away, we would like to know that they are being well cared for. Can anyone recommend a good cat sitting service that covers the Santa Ponsa area? We are not looking for someone to house sit, just a daily visit to ensure food is refreshed, water changed etc. There is a company in Pollensa - but too far away. There used to be a service in this area but they have left the island. Any recommendations would be appreciated by us, and our cats. 

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Hi All I hope someone can help me with this query? I have a very small dog in the UK that I want to bring to Palma asap and wondered if anyone knew the best way or has any experience of this. I need the flight from either Newcastle or Manchester. I am dreading this so I am looking for the kindest way possible. Thanks in advance

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Going back to England for a week, and looking for Kennels, or for a Private Home to look after our two dogs. Any suggestions?

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We are considering moving to Mallorca from our home in France. We have a Bruno du Jura cross. He was bred to be used by the French Chasse but is so timid we assume he was just abandoned by his owner as he would be incapable of doing his 'job'. He is not one of the classified dangerous breed dogs but he weighs 27 kilos and I have read somewhere that as he is over 20 kilos, in Spain, he would be classed as a 'dangerous' dog. Does anyone know where I can get a definitive answer from as to whether we could take him? Thanks in anticipation.

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Can you buy tortoises in Spanish pet shops, or are they illegal?

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Hi, This is an unusal request but you never know Angloinfo members have come up trumps for me before. I have 2 Boston Terries, for those of you who are no familiar with these dogs, they look like small boxers and often get mistaken for  French Bulldogs. Whilst we have a garden in our house we rent what with the pool, garden furniture etc there is not a lot or room for them to have a good old run, without bothering other dogs or people. I wondered if there was anyone out there who has a garden they would be happy for us to let them run for half an hour a day or every now and then.  We used to do this when we lived in France for a couple who lived in the UK most of the year and knowing that someone was keeping an eye on the house.  If we thought anything was amiss we would ring them and let them know. The dogs are not 'diggers' sono problem there. We live in Santa Ponca and are happty to travel. As I say a strange request but here's hoping. Regards. Teresa.

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Hello Everyone, Would like to find out if there are any doggy friendly beaches on the island. Many thanks!    

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Has anyone succeeded in sorting this problem out? Speaking with the owners apparently is NOT the correct way to go and that you should  ring the local Police.  Bit drastic in my opinion.  Also we have a particular barking dog that is chained on what looks like a 1 metre leash,  he barks whilst running in  circles.  This goes on ALL day.  Apart from being annoying the poor mutt must be going mad.  Who can we contact regarding cruelty to dogs.

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I am thinking of letting my cat out in the garden for the first time since we moved here a month ago. Can anyone tell me if there are any local dangers to watch out for? I am on Menorca. 

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