Estate Agents

The Ocean Views
Investment services offered for villas and apartments in Pecatu, The Bukit, Bali.
Real Estate Bali
Commercial properties, houses, villas and land offered.
Wide selection of properties offered for rent and sale.
Bali Treasure Properties
Villas and land offered for sale. Also offers long term rentals.
Bali Realtor
Land, hotels and villas offered for sale and rent.
Exotiq Property
Represents owners of property for sale and rent in Asia.
Paradise Property Group
Buying, selling and renting of properties offered.
Raja Villa
Real estate agents based in Bali, help people to find villas to buy or to rent yearly.
Bali Home Immo
Specializes in properties for long term rentals and sales.
Bali Villa Sales
Freehold villas, leasehold villas and yearly rentals offered.
Bali Evolve Property
Luxury real estate in Bali and Indonesia.