started by: Seminyak · last update: 1419325222 · posted: 1418991608

Anyone knows if the last Hobbit movie is playing in Bali already/ Thanks.

started by: pepenero · last update: 1414745605 · posted: 1414745605

Hi guys, what are you up to tonight? Any fun stuff to do this Halloween? Pepe

started by: Thomas 17 · last update: 1412081582 · posted: 1411818658

Hi gang, Is there any place that organises an Oktoberfest event? Thomas 17

started by: Thunder-955591 · last update: 1407961345 · posted: 1407853448

Hi, I have heard about a new movie complex around Denpasar. Anyone knows where this is? Thunder

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1405520347 · posted: 1405432275

Help needed. I would love to find a place where i can enjoy a quiz night.

started by: pepenero · last update: 1402243163 · posted: 1402105878

Hi guys, where will you watch the games?

started by: BaliBeach · last update: 1398708223 · posted: 1398465922

I love all kind of live music any recommendations about where to go? BaliBeach

started by: Kiss Bali · last update: 1381497290 · posted: 1381497290

Hi, Are there any kind of music festivals/events in Bali in November? Thanks. Kiss Bali

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1374072443 · posted: 1373994920

Hi, I have been in Jakarta for the last few Months and in Jakarta a lot of restaurants and entertainment venues (clubs) are affected by Ramadan. Are there any restrictions in Bali ? Or is everything as usual? Cheers. Spader Four

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1364538826 · posted: 1364045450

Hi all.I want to buy a new Playstation 3 any ideas where to?Have a wonderful weekend.Mac

started by: Lazerbeam. · last update: 1363361140 · posted: 1363361140

Hi. I will soon visit Bali for the first time. I will stay with my family in Nusa Dua. Where is the best place to assist a fire dance show? Lazerbeam

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1363276357 · posted: 1363276357

Hi, I have some friends asking me about some big music events or festivals in Bali this summer around July or August. If you know about something going on at that time please let me know. Thanks. Spader Four

started by: pepenero · last update: 1361340291 · posted: 1361167069

Hi, I have decided to start to play music with friends. My best friend will give me one of he's electric guitar but it doesn't work correctly and need service. Any idea where i can have this done? Thanks. Pepe

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1361260707 · posted: 1360946983

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to buy tickets at Beachwalk Mall's cinema for a future session. Last time i went with my family and the show was sold out, so boring. Mac

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1360310596 · posted: 1360163695

Hi, My best friend will be married in the end of this year and ask me advices about to have a wedding in Bali. Can someone recommend a good wedding organiser? Thanks. Julia

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1360135997 · posted: 1360095521

Hi, I have been to Singapore a few times during Chinese New Year and it have always been amazing! What's on in Bali for Chinese New Year? Summersun

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1359390306 · posted: 1359199599

Hi dear friends. Where should i go for some live jazz music in Bali? Thanks in advance. Summersun

started by: Peter Pan-369196 · last update: 1356358808 · posted: 1356114156

Where to find a nice party tonight ? Peter

started by: Karma in Bali · last update: 1355163557 · posted: 1354462640

Hi guys. Already December, any suggestions about where to spend a nice new year's eve ? Venus

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1349838384 · posted: 1349442203

Hi i really miss stand up comedy.In Australia i try to go almost every Week and i would love to find a place for stand up comedy in Bali.Does it exist ?If yes where ?Great Weekend to all.Steve

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