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Do you feel attractive in such clothes or is it just for a difference?

started by: LeeAdam-977581 · last update: 1445853676 · posted: 1442932674

Can anyone recommend a good Preschool/ Kindergarten in Bali. We hope to move soon and would like to hear from real people about the schooling there. Thanks

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1412855548 · posted: 1412776370

We are thinking about to move to Bali and stay a few years at least. How much is the average price for a good International or National + school for a 10 years old?  Julia

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What activities can a family with children enjoy around Sanur beside the beach? Spader Four

started by: Cantik · last update: 1356354738 · posted: 1355591656

Hi, Does anybody knows about camps for children during the school holidays over Christmas and new year ? Around Seminyak/Kerobokan. Thanks. Cantik

started by: Cantik · last update: 1354361349 · posted: 1352476908

Hi,Does someone knows about baby swimming in Bali ?If it exists ? And where ?Thanks.Cantik

started by: Karma in Bali · last update: 1351529479 · posted: 1350917961

Hi,I would need some information about an affordable preschool around Kerobokan.I have used Lollypop Preschool for my kids before and we liked it only problem it's so expensive, seems like waste the money.In my opinion better to keep the money and pay a really good school when they grow up and really need to learn things.Thanks.Venus

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Hi,Can someone recommend a good place where to bring the kids for halloween ?Thanks.Kiss Bali

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Hi there.My daughter 9 years old would love to join some dance classes.Any ideas where to look ?Thanks.Peter

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Dear All, we are moving to Seminyak with our 2 little boys, and will work at least 3-5 years. Please help us, what or which vaccination do we need? The doctors say hepatitis A,B, rabies, and more... Please help, do You use any vaccination for Yourself and small kids???? (The boys are 2 and 3,5 years old) Many thanks Anna  

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Hi there Mum's and Dad's,  We are moving to Bali in the next few months and I am wanting to come and have a look at schools for my 3 year old at the end of October just to get a feel for them and Bali in general.  I was wondering if anyone can recommend any schools in particular and the areas to live close by?  I have googled the schools and have short listed a few but I am very new to this and really have no idea what to look for except that I want my little man to be able to learn through play in a safe, supportive, and social environment, and have a large play area to run around and interact within. Our short list is currently: Cheeky Monkeys, The Green School, Little Stars, and the Australian School If there are any parents out there that have any feedback on any of these schools or can recommend any others that their child goes to and loves if would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance,  SUnshine always from Megan : )

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Hi, Happy new Week to all. I'm looking for a a swimming teacher for my two girls, 5 and 8 years of age. Thanks. Venus

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Hi all I have heard about an activity around Sanur where you can go and swim with dolphins. If someone of you know something about this please share. I would love to bring the kids if it's good and if the dolphins are well treated. Summersun

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Hi,My daughter soon 8 years old would love to follow dance classes.Any recommendations ?Thanks.Cantik

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Hi all, We will have some friends visit us end of July and they have a new born son.Where can i find a wooden baby cot to buy or to rent for a month ?Thanks.Mac

started by: Peter Pan-369196 · last update: 1340905488 · posted: 1340807764

Hi.One of my best friends did have a baby girl this weekend and i would like to buy some clothes for her.Where is a good place to find some nice baby clothes in South Bali ?Thanks.Peter

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Hi there!Im a literature and history teacher. Im a hungarian, but at the moment i live in France. We (me and a french friend of mine) have an international pedagogical project, and im searching an indonesian primary school (6-11 years) in Bali ( or close to) whom we can work with. The ideal would be a local school where, at least the teacher of the class can speak in english!You can check our project on the facebook:http://www.facebook.com/SurLaRouteDesFablesor on our website:http://www.surlaroutedesfables.fr/en/the-project/projects-pdf-file/If you know some contact, share it with me please!Thanks for your attention,Csilla File

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Hi,I'm looking for a nice place where i can have a birthday party for my son (12 Years old).It will be around 40 children with parents and would be great with a pool and open space to play around.It will be from 15:00 to 19:00 so light meals, snacks and refreshments is a must, provided by the venue or we will bring with us.Thanks all.Peter

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My kids came home around 3 pm from school and always want something to eat, even that they already had something pretty heavy for lunch. Then they don't want dinner any longer, so the unique time we used to sit together on the dinning table as a family is getting less and less. Want to know what happened with other families here. Thanks, Sandra

started by: Andy-369195 · last update: 1334743946 · posted: 1334672793

Hi, My 2 daughters are crazy about Playmobil and every time i go to Europe for work i buy some for them.We found Playmobil at one store in Jakarta but do someone knows if it can be found in Bali ?Thanks.Andy

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