Do you own leather lingerie?

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Do you feel attractive in such clothes or is it just for a difference?


Albi-Germin-992555 1624030180

For some reason I don't even like the idea of wearing this. Maybe it's all inhibitions from my childhood and I need to think about it. And on the other hand I live perfectly well without leather underwear, lace is also good.

Nickolas-Arcani-992554 1624305159

Personally, of course, I do not have, but I bought it for the girls. I myself like to choose and give leather sex harnesses, bracelets and all sorts of other BDSM accessories. You have to pay attention to the quality of leather, it must be of high quality, so as not to cause discomfort. And the girl herself must be willing to wear it and then the crazy night is guaranteed. 

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