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Hi, I am opening a bar in Bali in the next months with my Indonesian girlfriend.She will be the one signing contracts and the company will be started under her name, so it would be considered a local business.For the moment we don't need any visa for me as I will not go there yet.We just need all the licenses needed for the restaurant (and the alcohol license).We have the place and the employees, we are doing a franchise so we have everything set up already.How much will be the cost to get all the licenses necessary and which would be the steps?Thanks a lot for your attention.

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Your site claims that pensioners can skip the Kitas to apply for a Kitap. Can you show where that is stated by the authorities? https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/indonesia/bali/moving/residency/kitap-visa

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I am currently hassleing with my landlord about who should pay for the aircon to be fixed, it needs a new fan motor. The aircon was in the house whe we rented it 18 months ago I have read the teants and landlord laws and it states the landlord must pay for repairs not inflicted by the tenant apart from general wear and tear. has any one had to deal with a similar situation?   

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We have found a beautiful house that we would like to buy. Is it possible to get a house credit as expats in Bali at a reasonable interest rate? Mac

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Hello,I will soon buy a house in Bali and have to leave a deposit.How much cash can i bring in legally? Seminyak

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Hi, I have been married to my Indonesian wife since over 10 years, we don't have a prenuptial. We would like to buy a property in Bali (free hold). As this is not possible as we don't have a prenuptial. I have been thinking and need some advises if this is possible?: - Divorce my wife in Indonesia - Marry her again this time with a prenuptial - Buy a property (free hold). Thanks for your help. Peter

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Hi, I would like to open a local bank account so that i can transfer funds easily from Europe. Have been to a few banks but they told me that to open an account you need to have a Kitas. I have heard about some foreigners that have been able to open up a local account without Kitas. Any recommendations of a bank that can help me? Oscar  

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Hi, I have an important question. We are looking in to lease some land and if we do the lease we would need to bring in an large amount on money. As you lose a lot of money by sending from an overseas bank to an Indonesian bank, i would like to bring as much cash as legally possible with us. What is the limit? Many thanks. SDT

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Hi, What is best, to change money in Bali or to change in our home country before our departure to Indonesian Rupiah? Thanks. Spader Four

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Hi there, I am looking at buying an established PMA business in Bali and relocating from NZ.  I  need business advisory support to assist with the following: valuation, due diligence including legal and financial and visa support and finance. Can anyone recommend a reputable business? Thanks 

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Hi all, I have heard so many bad stories lately about bad and dishonest visa agents in Bali. Agents that keep your passport all the time so you can't leave if you have an emergency for example outside of Indonesia and also ask you for crazy prices. What i'm talking about is the renewal of a Social visa Monthly after the first 60 days. Can someone recommend a good and honest agent? Thanks. Julia

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Hi, I would need information about a retirement visa. Thanks for you help. SDT

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1366318204 · posted: 1365707283

Hi, I would need a honest moneychanger that can give me a very good rate. I will need to change 30,000 Euros. Thanks. Summersun

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Hi, I would like to lease a house in Bali for 25 years. I have some money and my bank in Australia is ready to offer my a good credit for the whole period (25 years). I still don't have the total of what i need, i need Rp 400,000,000 more. Is it possible as a foreigner to have a credit from an Indonesian bank in Bali? If yes what are the on-going rates? Many thanks. SDT

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Hello, I am currently in Bali and have had an experience with an Indonesian woman whom I entered into a relationship with for two months. I naively transferred my money into her bank account from Australia as it was my understanding that I could not open a bank account here. I have since discovered that this is not the case. Long story short, the money was transferred from a dealership in Brisbane after selling my vehicle. The woman I was involved with was apparently of good repute and I spent many times with her and her friends in Seminyak. We had an argument on Saturday night and I have not seen her since and is not giving me my money back leaving me to have to sell off personal possessions to survive here. At no stage did I get the impression that she was someone who could not be trusted and in fact the opposite, but in hind sight, not so the case.Do I have a case for going to the local police? As my situation is now getting desperate. I am selling my iPad today to a friend of hers who apparently has not heard from her either since the weekend. I need the money back. I have requested many times for my money but because we had the argument she claims that it is fair enough she keep the rest of my money.Any advice greatly appreciated.   G in Seminyak  

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Seeking an English speaking local legal representative for a Balinese business. Someone having experience in hospitality and gastronomy licenses. I take advise from the local expats as well, please refer me to someone fast and good. Please email me with info: gpontano@me.com. Thanks!

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KEMENTERIAN HUKUM DAN HAK ASASI MANUSIA RI KANTOR WILAYAH BALI KANTOR IMIGRASI KELAS 1 KHUSUS NGURAH RAI JALAN RAYA AIRPORT NGURAH RAI - TUBAN TELEPON NOMER (0361)9351038   Ngurah Rai, 29 Oktober 2012   Nomor     : W16.FNG-KP.01.10-xxxxx Lampiran: 1(satu) lembar Perihal     : Undangan Sosialisasi Perkawinan Campuran Antar Warga Negara   Kepada Yth: Koordinator Perkumpulan Perkawinan Campuran Antar WNI & WNA di tempat   Sehubungan dengan pelaksanaan kegiatan Sosialisasi Peraturan Pemerintah RI tentang Perkawinan Campur Antar Warga Negara dan Pelayanan Keimigrasian Kantor Imigrasi Kelas 1 Khusus Ngurah Rai mengundang Bapak/Ibu untuk hadir sebagai peserta dalam acara sosialisasi tersebut.   Acara akan diselenggarakan pada: Hari/Tanggal : SABTU, 10 NOVEMBER 2012 Waktu              : 08.30 - 12.00 WITA Tempat           : HOTEL KUTA PARADISO   Mohon konfirmasi kehadirannya ke panitia melalui telpon (0361) 9351038 Kantor Imigrasi Khusus Kelas 1 Ngurah Rai atau Contact Person: Bapak Saroka Manulang, SE, MM, No.HP: 08122333312 (boleh juga lewat SMS ke saya 081237173388).   Demikian disampaikan, atas perhatiannya diucapkan terima kasih.   Kepala Kantor, Yudanus Dekiwanto, SH, MH. NIP.195012051985031002   NB: DIHARAPKAN PESERTA SOSIALISASI MINIMAL 60 - 100 ORANG (sudah sekitar 70 orang sejauh ini)

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1352373917 · posted: 1352212972

Hi, I would need some information about the German consulate in Bali. Opening hours, where it's situated and phone number. Thanks a lot. Oscar

started by: AndyBali-369543 · last update: 1350221912 · posted: 1349877849

Hi.My question is how much is the maximum amount that you can take out in a single time from ATM's in Bali ?The more the better to avoid to pay commission and fees.Cheers.AndyBali

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1348584244 · posted: 1348494721

I plan to come to Bali summer 2013 and stay for 1 year. How about health insurance ? Can i use a travel insurance for 1 year or do i have to have a specific health insurance ? Thanks. Oscar

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