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Hi, I am opening a bar in Bali in the next months with my Indonesian girlfriend.She will be the one signing contracts and the company will be started under her name, so it would be considered a local business.For the moment we don't need any visa for me as I will not go there yet.We just need all the licenses needed for the restaurant (and the alcohol license).We have the place and the employees, we are doing a franchise so we have everything set up already.How much will be the cost to get all the licenses necessary and which would be the steps?Thanks a lot for your attention.


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You need to speak to an agent Indonesia is not an information based society and I'd go as far as to say unless you employ an agent to do whatever you need doing you will fail...I speak from experience , when it comes to the bulk of dealings with the government for example a liquor try and do that yourself it could easily take 12 months and be very expensive...having an Indonesian girlfriend or even wife for that matter really doesn't mean a great deal in the eyes of the Indonesian government when it comes to business dealings only really visa issues.   Get an agent.

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Hi, be carefull! Indonesia and Bali is not the same and easy as it was years ago. nowdays everything much more serious... and if i would be you, i would be carefull with indonesian girlfriend... and give her right to sign contracts and running a company under her name...  I totally agrre with Bounce! Get an agent!  deeply reccomend

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