Directory of services - the rules of design

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Need to make it in the form of a presentation, and I've never worked with this. Need tips, ideas. Maybe there are those who have previously made such a presentation and can help?


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This is certainly not the easiest task. It is likely that your organization already has some of the information that will be needed, I advise you to start there, it will be easier. A well-designed catalog of services is very important for management in your company and doing business in general. That's why I think it's not unreasonable to involve other employees to create it.

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The presentation of services is very similar to the presentation of a product, but with the difference that in this case the main focus will be on the description of the company's services. To arouse interest and desire to use the services of the company, the visual design of the presentation should be staked on emotionality. A list of services, rates, comparison tables and other voluminous data is better to visualize with graphics. If you have never done such a thing, then I advise you to use a template. I download presentation templates at . There are templates there for all occasions.

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It is rather difficult to make a catalog of services. Experts who are
familiar with design could help here. Today there are many special services
that help create such directories. By the way, if difficulties arise, perhaps
these guys will help you. There are many talented writers here, who in most
cases graduated with honors from the university. So, if you are studying and
you need to make a catalog, but there is not enough time due to your studies,
then this service would be very useful.

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