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Recently in the hall we were discussing this topic and I noticed that many people condemn athletes who use hormones. Why is that?

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Hi, Can someone recommend a good, professional and safe tattoo studio please? I would like to remake an old tattoo and also to have a new tattoo a tiger on my shoulder. The most important a clean and safe place that uses new or sterilised needles. Thanks. Julia

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I'm looking for a professional place that can do acrylic nails. Thanks. Julia

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Hi i have to many wrinkles and would need some botox. Any recommendations? Thanks. SDT

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I would love to do a Lasik operation. Has anyone done this in Bali and can in that case share the experience and price? Thanks. Kiss Bali

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I'm looking for a centre to help me lose around 10Kg. Not a traditional fitness centre but a place that can help me with my diet and also with exercises. Lazerbeam

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Hi guys, Can you recommend a good spa that does body massage in Sanur at a good price? Thanks.   Julia 

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Hi, Have some French friends visiting, they want to meet a doctor that speak French. Where can i find one for them? Kiss Bali

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YES there is Tango in Bali, TANGO REGULAR SCHEDULE Mon-Sun @Made's Warung (Seminyak)around 22.45 – 24.00: we play tango music on request.feel free to dance & show your beautiful Tango on the stage! Tango Monday @Casa Artista (Seminyak)19.30 – 20.30: beginner class*20.30 – 23.00: Latin Night Milonga Tango Friday @Casa Artista (Seminyak)19.30 - 20.30: inter−adv class*20.30 – 23.00: Open House Milonga Tango Saturday (Seminyak)18.30 - 19.30 : technique class* @ Casa Artista19.30-23:00 : free beginner intro &practica @Straw Hut Tango Sunday @Kumara Pantai (Seminyak)16.30 – 18.00: beginner class*(around 19.30 – 21.00: Cabaret show at restaurant)21.00 (after Cabaret show) – 23:00: Milonga Note:* Class required to register in advance.* These are regular schedule and do not cover special event.* Schedule might be changed prior notice

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Please recommend a good waxing studio in the South. Cantik.

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Where is a good place for eyelash extension? Thanks.

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Hi guys, What health isurance do you use? Oscar

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Hi, I have a few bad teethes that need to have a root canal filling done. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to have it done than in Europe. Can i have some recommendations, i would like to have a clean and professional place. Thanks. Oscar

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I'm looking for an health insurance that covers all nasty stuff. Like Traffic accidents, cancer, heart problems and other serious problems. I would like the insurance to have an evacuation plan and allow you to have treatments for example in Singapore, Thailand or Australia. As normal healthcare is cheap in Indonesia, the policy can start to pay after for an example 1,000 USD. Thanks. Kiss Bali

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Did spend some time in Europe (December and January). My skin in the face is very dry since my return to Bali. Please an advice for a good skin lotion. Pepe

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Hi i would like to make my teeth's more white. Please share if you have any good or bad experiences. Thanks. Summersun

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Hi, On my next trip to Bali i would like to get some ink in. There are so many places that have lovely tattoos in their books. My question is is it safe? As i have read some horror stories in the past. Any recommendations please to a safe place. Best. Julia

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Hi guys, are there any major gym chains in Bali? Something along the lines of Fitness First? I travel to Bali for work fairly often (am based in Jakarta at the moment) so am looking for ideally a chain with local (Indonesian) and regional presence. 

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Is there a place in Bali that offers Zumba sessions? Lazerbeam

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